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Construction January 15Construction crews continue to battle against the cold temperatures and snow on the residence hall and dining building. Next week, workers will begin to install steel on the first wing of the residence hall, and will follow with framing walls. This will provide workers some protection from the weather. Crews will continue working from east to west, installing underground plumbing, footings, concrete slab and framing the building to its eventual four floors.

This week Walsh Construction began removing the frozen ground and digging footings for the dining building. Footings will be poured in the next two weeks, followed by under-slab plumbing and electrical.

At the academic building, Fortis Construction and its subcontractors have nearly completed the mechanical and plumbing rough-in on the first floor, and are now moving to the second floor. This includes the ductwork that will provide fresh air to the building, fire sprinkler pipes, and hot and cold water pipes. The framing of interior walls has begun, the exterior skin of the building is now being installed over the metal framing, and crews are working to install the roof, which will keep the floors below dry.