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OSU-Cascades’ new campus in Bend is entering in its third week of construction.

If you have traveled past the site, you will have noticed the changes taking place. Work on the site was prefaced with the harvest of nearly 1,500 native plants that will be stored at Winter Creek Restoration & Nursery, then replanted on the site, saving landscape material and ongoing maintenance costs.

Over the last two weeks, general contractor Fortis Construction has completed the following activities:

  • Installed a perimeter fence to provide protection for the public during construction
  • Implemented erosion control measures and installed tree protection fences
  • For safety, closed sidewalks along Chandler Avenue and Century Drive, adjacent to the work zone. The contractor will reopen the sidewalk at the roundabout on July 13. Other segments will remain closed to protect the public as construction proceeds. This is necessary because:
    • The sidewalk along Chandler will be replaced with a new 10-foot wide accessible pathway
    • Construction equipment and scaffolding will be in place immediately adjacent to the sidewalks
    • Utility trenches will cross the sidewalk in several locations
  • Cleared trees where buildings will be sited, saving stands of ponderosa pines that will remain part of the native landscape design

In the coming weeks construction operations will include completion of grading and underground utilities. This work will take approximately one month, and then building construction will begin.

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