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10-acreOne wing of the residence hall has reached the fourth floor and the other two wings will follow suit in the coming weeks. Windows and roof trusses will also be installed.

Last week, the concrete floor of the dining center was completed, and steel beams and columns were delivered to the site. Steel and wood framing of the building will begin next week.

On the academic building, the roof, most of the exterior weather barrier, and windows are fully installed. Crews will begin installing insulation and the exterior finish on the building. Sheetrock is going up on the first floor, while electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems are being finished on the upper two floors.

Earlier this week a short closure of Century Drive occurred after an unmarked natural gas line was struck while a contractor was installing fiber optic cables. Emergency crews and the gas company were onsite immediately and opened the road shortly afterwards, after ensuring there was no risk to the public.