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March 25, 2016

Dining Hall ConstructionThe past two weeks on OSU-Cascades’ new campus site have been productive. A major milestone was achieved on the dining/academic building: the structural framing is up and nearly complete. The dining/academic building sits between the academic building and residence hall, and is scheduled to be ready for students at the end of the year. The first floor of the building will be devoted to dining and kitchen facilities, as well as seating areas with a fireplace. The upper floor will include classrooms and offices.

Over the last couple of days, roof trusses were placed onto one wing of the residence hall. On the interior, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems are beginning to come together.

The academic building, which will be ready for classes this fall, will be the first building to open on the campus. Crews are installing insulation on exterior walls and preparing them for final finishes. On the interior, construction teams continue to install sheetrock and plumbing, as well as mechanical and electrical systems throughout. This week, passersby may have noticed mechanical equipment being hoisted to the roof of the building.