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The past two weeks have seen the culmination of months of preparation on the site.

Our goal since starting construction on the 10-acre site was to get the steel structure in place and the roof on the academic building before the weather turned cold. That goal was achieved last week.

Since July, our contractor has worked to install underground utilities, construct foundations and fabricate the steel that would form the skeleton of the building.

Last week the contractor finished installing the steel beams, columns, and girders that make up the upper floors and roof of the building, and thanks in part to favorable weather, the work was accomplished ahead of schedule. Work still remains to enclose the building, but it’s exciting to see the shape of the building emerge.

Contractors completed paving the parking lot last week, which will provide a firm base and ample space for construction materials, equipment and workers as work continues.


In the coming weeks the concrete floors of the academic building will be poured on the metal deck and plastic sheeting will be draped around the building; this will allow the contractor to heat the interior of the building, which will help the concrete floors cure and shield them from weather.