Construction Dining Hall

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OSU-Cascades’ new campus is bustling with students and construction workers. The bike shelter is packed full of bikes on a daily basis and the new transit stop on Century Drive is getting heavy use.

Additional bike shelters and racks are being installed as part of the residence hall and dining building construction projects.  A transit shelter -- with lighting, benches and bike racks -- will also be installed.

Refrigerators, sinks and a large pizza oven have been installed in the dining building. Wood finishes and floor finishes are being installed in preparation for the January opening of the building.

Electricity is now being turned on in the residence hall, allowing for the installation and testing of lights, appliances, elevator and other equipment necessary to make the building functional. Most of the sidewalk around the residence hall has been completed.  Ponderosa pine trees will be planted as part of the landscape surrounding the building in the coming weeks.