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OSU-Cascades’ new campus is entering the third month of construction, and the academic building is beginning to rise out of the ground.

Large white-colored forms extend upward and now reach the bottom of the second level of the building. In the coming weeks, the forms will be cast with concrete and repositioned for the second and third floors of the building. These exterior walls will be complete by the end of September.

In the meantime, plumbers and electricians will install pipes and conduit under the future floor of the building. Installation of spread footings will continue around the perimeter.

Although construction of the building is currently limited to a few concrete walls and underground utilities, a vast amount of work is occurring in the background as sub-contractors prepare to fabricate steel beams and columns, mechanical equipment, and other systems that will help the building function.

The general contractor for the academic building, Fortis Construction, is based in Portland but has worked extensively in Central Oregon since 2010.  It has developed 28 projects in our region including data centers in Prineville, the 1000 Wall building in Bend, and an expansion for 10 Barrel Brewing. Fortis has 15 employees who are full-time residents of Central Oregon.