Community IntegrationThe long-term success of this new branch campus depends upon attracting students. We know that students want to live and study at an integrated urban campus where they have easy access to health care, recreation, employment, stores and restaurants. Studies show that Millennials seek out urban lifestyles and prefer alternative modes of transportation. Twenty-three percent of Millennials don’t even own a driver’s license. We know that community members, including businesses, also want easy access to students and campus amenities.

It has always been our intention that OSU-Cascades be integrated into the community, with an inviting campus all Central Oregonians can use and enjoy. The site along Chandler Avenue on Bend’s west side is close to businesses, recreation, transit and other amenities our students, faculty and visitors will use every day. It will allow us to offer a convenient shuttle service to Central Oregon Community College, and the close-in location means more people can walk or bike to campus rather than travel by car.