Ways to get to campus

By minimizing the number of cars driven to campus, we can reduce air and noise pollution and traffic, and support a healthier campus community.  Around the country, colleges and universities are showing that efforts to meet increased demand for transportation options deliver powerful benefits for their community and surrounding areas. 

OSU-Cascades is committed to giving students, faculty and staff new options for getting to, from, and around campus.

In June 2014 OSU-Cascades adopted recommendations made by the Sustainability and Transportation Task Forces of the Campus Expansion Advisory Committee. These recommendations provide guidelines for the policies and programs that will be put in place on the new campus to create a sustainable transportation environment.  They include:

  • Robust bicycle parking supply ranging from simple racks to secure storage lockers
  • Shower, changing and storage for bike commuters
  • Onsite transit facilities that are well-lit, sheltered and provide amenities (wifi, electronic schedule)
  • Public transit passes for students, employees and faculty
  • Safe, convenient and comfortable infrastructure for bicycling and walking – both on and off campus
  • Shuttle service to and from campus to off-site parking
  • Work and class schedules that reduce peak period traffic on existing transportation system
  • Campus participation in Commute Options rideshare program, or develop a campus specific program
  • Designated less expensive and more convenient parking spots for rideshare vehicles
  • Convenient drop-off site for students who rideshare and do not have the campus as a final destination
  • Flex vehicle program
  • Information and outreach on transportation options by partnering with Commute Options or form a campus specific program
  • Amenities such as retail and recreation that are accessible to students without automobiles
  • Priority carpool spaces/prices
  • On-street parking management through education, incentives and disincentives
  • On-site parking performance monitoring and triggers for pre-identified mitigation measures

Click here to see the full report outlining OSU-Cascades' response to CEAC Task Force recommendations.