Honors College at OSU-Cascades

OSU-Cascades is excited to announce the OSU Honors College will begin accepting applications from students in the upcoming recruitment cycle, with plans to welcome its first cohort of honors students at OSU-Cascades in the fall of 2017.

The Honors College in partnership with the OSU-Cascades are preparing a plan for this expansion, and are enthused to provide OSU-Cascades students with the opportunity to be part of the Honors College experience. Initially a limited number of honors courses that serve a variety of students and interests will be offered at OSU-Cascades. Honors courses are designed to offer honors-appropriate elements of a course, adhering to the philosophy that honors means different work rather than more work.

The application for the Honors College is an optional part of the OSU-Cascades application for admission. Deadlines for application to the Honors College and minimum criteria may be found at http://honors.oregonstate.edu/you-apply. The Honors College and OSU-Cascades campus are excited to allow more students the opportunity to be a part of the Honors College experience. For questions about Honors College admission, contact Gildha Cumming at 541-737-6432.