Are You A Transfer Student?

Domestic students who have already graduated from high school, and have 24 transferable-quarter hours (16 semester) from one or more regionally accredited colleges or universities, are considered to be transfer students and do not need to provide OSU-Cascades with test scores and/or high school transcripts*.

*If you have completed one or more years of a foreign language in high school, you will need to send us an official copy of your final high school transcript (containing a graduation date) if you would like to use it toward OSU’s foreign language admissions/graduation requirement

Applicants who have already graduated high school or recieved a GED and have earned fewer than 24 transferable quarter college credits (16 semester credits) will be reviewed for admissibility based on BOTH high school work or GED scores, and any transferable coursework. See First-Year Student Admissions Requirements for more info on how high school work is considered. Transfer requirements are below.

If you are an international student, see International Student Requirements.

Admissions Requirements

Transferable credits entering OSU-Cascades




1 to 23 quarter hours

(1 to 15 semester hours)

2.25+ transfer GPA AND 3.0+ high school GPA

Preferred, but not required

College-level math preferred, but not required.

24 or more quarter hours

(16 or more semester hours)

2.25 - 2.49 transfer GPA

College-level writing equivalent to WR 121 (English Composition) with C- or higher

College-level mathematics equivalent to MTH 111 (College Algebra) -or- MTH 105 (Contemporary Math) with C- or higher

24 or more quarter hours

(16 or more semester hours)

2.50+ transfer GPA

College-level writing equivalent to WR 121 (English Composition) with C- or higher

College-level math is preferred, but not required

  • Completion of college-level mathematics is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for students applying to STEM-field majors to be on-track for participation in upper division coursework and timely graduation.
  • Students admitted without a college-level mathematics course must complete a college-level mathematics course at OSU-Cascades within their first 45 credits.
  • Students who graduated from high school in 1997 or later must meet a foreign language requirement with either two years of high school level study in the same language or two quarters/semesters of college level study with a minimum grade of a C- or better. For additional information on how to meet foreign language deficiencies, click here.
  • Applicants who are ineligible to re-enroll at any college or university that they attended within the last seven years for student conduct reasons will be automatically declined admission at OSU-Cascades.  Applicants who disclose that the reason for their ineligibility is for academic reasons will be admitted only if they meet OSU-Cascades’s minimum academic requirements.
  • Students who do not meet admission requirements may petition for exception. For further information, write or call the Office of Admissions. Deadlines for appeals are in effect for each quarter.

Please note that meeting the minimum admissions requirements and/or an individual’s academic performance does not guarantee them admission to the university. Applicants’ experiences, actions, and non-cognitive skills are assessed by way of the Insight Resume. Furthermore, the university may evaluate a person’s behavior and background to determine their ability to maintain the standards of academic and professional conduct expected at OSU-Cascades.

How Will Your GPA Be Computed?

The official policies of OSU-Cascades regarding academic-record evaluation for purposes of admission include:

  • Only the highest grade for a repeated course will be calculated in the GPA
  • Only transferable college-level credits are accepted and counted in the GPA computation (a course’s grade has no bearing on whether or not it is transferable).
  • Academic bankruptcy or forgiveness of low grades is not a policy recognized by OSU-Cascades. Classes must be repeated to have a grade replaced

How to Apply

To be considered for admission to OSU-Cascades campus, submit:

  • Completed online admission application
  • $60 nonrefundable application fee
  • Official college/university transcripts from all schools attended. You can request COCC transcripts from the Admissions Office in Boyle Center.
  • If Applicable:
    • Official AP or IB scores
    • Official high school transcripts

Please mail additional materials, including official transcripts* to:

1500 SW Chandler Avenue
Bend, Oregon 97702

*Transcripts are considered official if:

  • They arrive to OSU-Cascades in an official-unopened-sealed envelope of the issuing institution.
  • They are sent electronically through an approved third-party company, directly from the college or university.

Note: OSU-Cascades does not accept transcripts or links to transcripts sent through email.

Transfer Credit Articulation

OSU-Cascades does not do an official articulation of a student’s transcripts until:

  • after they have paid the Advanced Tuition Deposit and registered for Cascades START (Fall term applicants only)
  • after they have been admitted to the university (Winter, spring, and summer term applicants)
  • Note: It may take up to four weeks after you pay your ATD (fall term only) or are admitted (all other terms) in order for OSU to articulate your transcripts.

Learn more about doing a self-guided, unofficial transfer credit assessment and additional details about the transfer credit process.