OSU-Cascades students are responsible for tracking their degree progress and for completing their degree requirements. Using the following course forecast information students will plan ahead and work with their advisor to create and update academic plans.

EOY = Every other year courses
*All information is subject to change
See the CLA Course Guide for CLA Core planning.


Summer 2018

ENG 479: International Women Writers


Fall 2018

AMS Required:
AMS 311: Topics in AMS: Pragmatism in American Culture (4) EOY
ART/ENG 386: A Cultural History of American Art and Lit (4) EOY
HST 202: US History (4)

Lower Division Electives:
ANTH 251: Languages in US (4)
PS 201: Intro to US Government (4)

Upper Division AMS Electives:

ENG 445: Studies in Nonfiction (4), WIC repeatable for max 8 credits


Winter 2019

AMS Required:
ENG 253: American Lit: Colonial to 1900 (4)
ENG 387: A Cultural History of American Art and Lit (4) cross listed w/ ART 387 EOY
HST 203: History of US (4)

Lower Division AMS Electives:
ANTH 210: Cultural Competencies (4)
PS 206: Political Thought (4)

Upper Division AMS Electives:
COMM 418: Advanced Interpersonal Comm WIC (3)
ENG 482: American Lit, Culture, the Environment (4)

Spring 2019

AMS Required:
ENG 254: American Lit: 1900-present (4)
ENG 388: A Cultural History of American Art and Lit (4) cross listed w/ ART 388 EOY

Upper Division Electives:
ANTH 311: People of the World - N. America
COMM 326: Intercultural Communication (3)
COMM 416: Ethnography (3)
ENG 360: Native American Lit (4)
PS 362: Modern Political Thought (4)
PS 475: Environmental Law and Politics (4)