"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worse when they despise him. But of a good leader who talks little when his work is done and his aim fulfilled, they will say, "We did this ourselves." -Lao Tzu

Much responsibility rests on the shoulders of Cascades Adventures trip leaders. Their role switches significantly from that of an active follower and a student of leadership and outdoor skills in the classroom, to that of a primary, responsible role model and leader while in the field with program participants. Not only do their technical skills and self care skills need to be dialed, but they also need to be able to teach them to a group and simultaneously meet all other participant needs.

Trip Leading Responsibilities

The trip leaders are responsible for:

  • Planning the entire trip, including curriculum, contingency plans, and general itinerary in accordance with Cascades Adventures policies.
  • The availability of First Aid equipment at all activity sites along with the expertise to use it.
  • Assitant Trip leaders will have at least a wilderness advanced first aid (WAFA) certification, with all trip leading teams possessing at least one wilderness first responder (WFR) certification
  • Managing group dynamics during outing.
  • Instructing curriculum of skills and knowledge to participants during the outing.
  • Inspecting all particpants and Cascades Adventures equipment.
  • Trip leaders must visually acknowledge the presence of the essential gear items for the outing.
  • Requesting, picking-up, cleaning, and dropping-off Cascades Adventures equipment
  • Completing and providing the appropriate paperwork, inlcuding pre-trip information packets, trip plans, waivers, photo releases, participant evaluations, and final trip reports.
  • Completing and handing in a monthly timesheet.


Getting Started

Cascades Adventures Trip Leader Job Posting

Cascades Adventures Equipment Coordinator Job Posting (Work Study)

Employment Application


Trip Leader Documents

Trip Leader Procedures

Trip Leader Hierarchy

Trip Leader Track

Driver Authorization Form

Motorpool Safety Video & Test


Trip Planning

Trip Planning Manual

Food Rationing

Trip Leader Handbook


Trip Evaluation & Reflection

Final Trip Report

Participant Evaluation


Emergency Response

Risk Management Plan

Emergency Response Plan

Medical History Form

Incident Report



Release Waiver and Medical Forms

All participants attending Cascades Adventures outings are required to complete a release of liability waiver and medical history form before departure. Medical history forms will only be viewed by the trip leaders and Cascades Adventures coordinator for the purpose of identifying potential safety concerns. The required medical form and waivers are located above and below. Trip Leader are responsible for ensuring these forms a fully completed and collected during the pre-trip meeting. 




Flat & Swift Water Boating

Rock Climbing & Mountaineering

Winter Activities

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