You have mapped out your trail and developed the tools and experience you need to achieve your goals, now is the time to gain experience and pursue opportunities that you are interested in. 

    Gain Experience

    1. Get involved in campus clubs and organizations and take advantage of leadership opportunities if possible
    2. Explore opportunities to study abroad to enhance cross-cultural knowledge and skills
    3. Actively engage in your community through volunteer activities
    4. Consider an on-campus job or part-time job while you are in school to build on your skills and experience
    5. Search and apply for internship and research opportunities

    Apply for Jobs

    1. Search for opportunities on Handshake
    2. ­­­­Use additional job search resources
    3. Network with professionals in companies that you are applying to
    4. Attend career fairs on-campus and at the main OSU campus in Corvallis
    5. Keep track of the jobs you are interested in and the jobs that you apply for
    6. Follow-up with employers to ensure that they received your application and to thank them for any interview opportunities
    7. Learn how to evaluate job offers and negotiate salary before you receive a job offer

    Apply for Graduate/Professional School

    1. Research graduate and professional programs and schools
    2. Talk to the graduate school admissions office and your Academic Advisor to ensure you complete required pre-requisites
    3. Prepare for and take any necessary entrance exams
    4. Compile all application materials which could include:
      1. Resume/CV
      2. Personal Statements
      3. Letters of Recommendation
    5. Keep track of your grad school applications and deadlines
    6. Prepare for graduate school interviews