Self-discovery involves learning more about your interests, skills, values and personality to help you identify majors and careers that would be a good fit for you. Taking the time to explore and gather information about yourself will help you to make more informed decisions about your career.

We offer two free career inventories that explore interests and personality and how they relate to certain career directions and work environments. Both assessments are taken online. You will then need to schedule an individual meeting with a career counselor to receive and interpret your results. If you are interested in taking an inventory, contact the Career Development Center.

Strong Interest Inventory

A career inventory that measures interests (not skills or abilities) and can help guide you toward career fields, occupations, and college majors and activities that might be a good fit for you based off on your self-rated interests. The Strong requires roughly 25 minutes to complete.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

This career inventory explores your personality type and helps you to identify individual preferences such as where you prefer to focus your energy, gather information, make decisions, and how you relate to the outer world. The results can help you to apply the information to occupations and work environments. The MBTI will require 30-40 minutes to complete.

In addition, the brief online activities below can assist in the process of exploring skills and values and how they relate to careers.





Classes at OSU-Cascades will of course contribute to skill development, but if you are looking for additional resources to build on your knowledge and skills, check out the skill development page.