Before you decide to live off campus

OSU-Cascades offers housing for traditional first-year students along with sophomores and above, including graduate students. On-campus residents choose between a single-, double- or triple-occupancy room with a private bathroom, or share a bathroom with one other room. There are also apartment-style suites available, complete with a kitchenette.

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Off-campus housing

Off-campus housing is available in many forms. Listed below are a variety of housing arrangements you will find:

Apartments - a set of rooms with separate bedroom(s), bath, kitchen, living room. Some apartments are advertised as furnished. This means that a minimum amount of furniture is already provided. Most apartments are rented unfurnished.
Studios or Studio Apartments - Separate bath and kitchen. The living room/bedroom is combined in one room.
Quads - A set of four apartments grouped together with shared bath and kitchen privileges.
Duplexes - Two houses joined together at one of the outer walls.
Condominiums - Similar to apartments, but each unit is privately owned.
Houses - Multi-room living area (bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living/family room) plus a private yard and garage.

The following chart gives a range of rental prices that you might find in Bend:

Type of Housing 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom Studio
Some of these rental prices include water/sewer and garbage service.
Apartment $650-$1100 $775-$1200 $950-1500 $650-$800
Duplex $750-$1100 $800-$1200 $1000-$1500  
Townhouse -- $900-$1700 $1000-$2100  
House $850-$1100 $1000-$1800 $1100-$2100  

Useful information before you start your housing search

What is a landlord/landlady? Landlord/landlady is another term for the owner of the property that you rent.
What is a tenant? The tenant is the person who rents property from the landlord/landlady.
What is a lease? A lease is a contract between you and the owner of the property. Signing the lease means that you agree to abide by the rules and conditions that the owner has set down. You must read this information carefully and make sure you understand it before you sign anything. For example, most leases will specify that you are responsible for the rent for a 12-month period.
What is a security deposit? A security deposit is money that you pay in advance to the owner in case you damage anything in the rental property. This deposit is sometimes refundable if you have not damaged anything. That information will be in the lease you sign.
What is a cleaning deposit? A cleaning deposit is money that you pay in advance to the owner for cleaning the rental property before and after you move in. This deposit is normally non-refundable.
What are utilities? Utilities in housing terms are services such as water, gas, electricity and garbage pick-up. Sometimes these services are included in the rent--usually they are separate. Your lease will define if utilities are included.
What is a property management company? Sometimes a property owner will pay a management company to manage their rental property. This means that the company will find renters and make sure the renters follow the lease. The company may also provide basic maintenance service.

Roommate agreements and considerations

Setting up a realistic roommate agreement makes living with others a much more postive experiences.  The following are a few questions to ask yourself as you begin to determine how you will work together with your roommates:

Will you share food costs with roommates, or will you individually purchase food?
How will utilities be dividied, such as water, electricity and cable?
Who will oversee the payment of bills and how will the living group keep track of shared expenses?

Finding off-campus housing

Online resources

The sources listed below could be helpful to you in finding a place to live. When deciding on location, it is helpful to know that OSU-Cascades is considered part of the "westside" neighborhood of Bend.

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Property management companies

There are many property management companies in Bend. Search "Property Management Bend Oregon."