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Social Justice Education Initiative Training

Session 2
June 6 and 7 (2-hour blocks)
June 8 (complete training in one 4-hour block)
Location: Tykeson Hall
Instructor: Jane Waite

The Social Justice Education Initiative for faculty and staff at OSU is an invitation to begin, or continue, your social justice and equity journey. With humor, empathy, and expertise we will engage in a self-reflective process that helps us answer these important questions: What is the story of the current context in Oregon -- and how did we get here? How do you locate yourself in this story? Why does social justice matter? No preparation is needed beyond this principle, and lunch is provided.

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Safe Zone

Safe Zone signifies an accepting place for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and transsexual individuals, and those questioning their sexuality or gender. Safe Zone workshop participants aim to be compassionate and understanding, committed to helping create an open and accepting learning and working environment for all people on the OSU-Cascades campus.

Safe Zone trainings are offered throughout the year.


Safe Zone Project
Human Dignity Coalition

Safe Zone Trainers

Stephane Beamer
Jenna Goldsmith
Erin Rook