“Part of me wants to go the deep, cybersecurity route, but I’m also interested in developing public-facing apps.”

That’s Brody Swisher. He’s one of OSU-Cascades’ first freshman and is majoring in computer science. OSU-Cascades offers a computer science degree with a specialization in web and mobile web software development.

The computer science program lead, instructor Marc Rubin, said he gets emailed at least once a week from local technology start-ups along with well-established software companies looking for computer scientists. 

“For people who want to have a long-term, well-paying job in Central Oregon—software is a really good place to be,” said Rubin at a recent taping of OPB's Think Out Loud radio show. “Our computer science graduates will be very well prepared to stay in Central Oregon.”

That’s good news for Brody, a Bend native who wants to stay in Central Oregon after earning a degree at OSU-Cascades.

Brody was the kind of kid who was always dismantling the family computer to see how it worked. In high school he started his own business, Mt. Bachelor Media, and provides technology support to a number of clients.

He’s also a photographer – he was the editor of his high school yearbook and is currently the photo editor for BendOr, a local outdoor sports magazine.

Brody comes out from behind the lens, too – he’s an avid alpine skier. He skied for Bend Senior High School, placing second in state. He’s planning on competing with OSU-Cascades' club sports ski team this winter.

“I have plans for the team, said Brody. “There’s no reason why OSU-Cascades can’t have a division one ski team.  It’s Bend, Oregon – I think it’s possible.”

For this fall, he’s looking forward to that first-year experience, starting classes he’s interested in taking, and meeting new people who ski, bike and climb.

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