Plan Alternatives Presentation, Picture 1

On Tuesday, October 18 at Tykeson Hall on the new OSU-Cascades campus, community members, staff, faculty and students participated in a plan alternatives event conducted by the Long Range Development Planning design team. After a presentation highlighting future potential needs of the campus, participants used new classroom technology to give feedback on concepts for both a 56-acre campus (current campus + 46-acre pumice mine) and an 132-acre campus (current campus + 46 acre pumice mine + 76-acre Deschutes County Landfill).

The presentation was conducted at the center of the room, with each group of participants having their own monitors. The final activity allowed each table to make recommendations and digitally move building massing, pathways and other spaces around in real time.

The presentation and group activities from this and other community meetings can be found on the meeting materials page.

Plan Alternatives Presentation, Picture 2Plan Alternatives Presentation, Picture 3