Injury Prevention Screening and Programs

With out-of-pocket healthcare costs rising and the healthcare model changing by the day, a greater emphasis will be placed on prevention. The FORCE Lab offers general, as well as sport-specific, injury prevention programs. In both cases, our movement analysis systems will be utilized to identify movement patterns that may increase risk of tissue breakdown and failure, and provide guidance for movement modification and preventative exercises in order to decrease risk of future musculoskeletal injuries and disease (such as osteoarthritis).

Movement Analysis

The FORCE Lab’s state-of-the-art motion capture system makes it the optimal environment to analyze movements that each of us perform every day. These movements include gait (walking) and functional movements such as stair climbing, squatting, and rising from a chair. Our ideal location within The Center and Therapeutic Associates-Bend Physical Therapy enhances our ability to assess movement before and after surgery, during rehabilitation from an injury, or at the request of any healthcare provider.  

Sport Performance Analysis

The FORCE Lab is equipped with the tools and expertise to effectively evaluate movement and performance during specific sports such as running, cycling, soccer, and golf. Whether you are interested in tracking performance over time, identifying inefficiencies, or looking to improve your general technique, the FORCE Lab can provide you with insight that will lead to results.