Human Development and Family Sciences Major
Human Services or Child Development Option

Fall Term
WR 121 (3) English Composition OSU*
MTH 105 (3) Intro to Contemporary Mathematics OSU*
HDFS 201 (3) Contemporary Families in the US (Bacc Core/major)
HHS 231/241 (3) Fitness OSU*

Winter Term
WR 327 (3) Technical Writing OSU*
COMM 218 (3) Interpersonal Communication OSU*
Bacc Core/BI SCO: BI 102 (4) General Biology OSU*
Bacc Core/Major: PSY 201 (3) General Psychology OSU*

Spring Term
PSY 202 (3) General Psychology OSU*
Bacc Core/BI SCI: BI 103 (4) General Biology OSU*
Bacc Core/DPD: ANTH 251 (3) Language in the US OSU*
MTH 243 (4) Stats I COCC

*equivalent course at COCC
All information is a sample plan and may be tailored to meet each individual student’s academic background and needs.
All information is subject to change