Master of Counseling Core Curriculum

COUN 513                 Pre-practicum
COUN 514                 Practicum
COUN 515                 Internship
COUN 531                 Developmental Perspectives in Counseling
COUN 532                 Social and Cultural Perspectives in Counseling
COUN 533                 Addictive Behavior Counseling
COUN 541                 The Counseling Profession
COUN 551                 Theory and Techniques of Counseling I
COUN 552                 Theory and Techniques of Counseling II
COUN 562                 Introduction to Research Methods in Education
COUN 567                 Appraisal of the Individual
COUN 568                 Lifestyle and Career Development
COUN 571                 Group Counseling Procedures
COUN 575                 Family Counseling
COUN 577                 Applied Psychopathology & Psychodiagnostics
COUN 578                 Crisis, Trauma and Grief Counseling
COUN 581                 Cross Cultural Counseling
COUN 598                 Counselor Consultation

Clinical Mental Health Option (with core, total is 90 credits)      

COUN 536     Applied Psychopharmacology                                                                
COUN 550     Principles of Mental Health Counseling                              
COUN 597     Introduction to Counselor Supervision                                                                                    
COUN 595     Group Counseling II                                                                    
CMH students take 24 credits of 515 Internship

School Counseling Option (with core, total is 81 credits)                                             

COUN 546    Leadership of School Counseling Programs
COUN 548    Special Education Issues in Counseling
COUN 582    Multicultural Counseling II
COUN 591    Study of Schools *         
SC students take 15 credits of 515 Internship

* waived for licensed teachers