Promoting lifelong learning

OSU-Cascades, in partnership with Oregon State’s College of Education, has defined our mission as enriching people’s lives in the classroom and in their communities. Our students will become the next generation of teachers, adult educators, informal educators, counselors and educational leaders. Our faculty’s research helps us understand how people learn and teach science and math in schools, as well as in museums, science centers and aquariums. Today's students will support tomorrow's learners.


The College of Education is an international leader in innovative research and the preparation of scholars and lifelong learning leaders in two signature areas critical to an increasingly complex and global society: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and cultural and linguistic diversity (CLD). Through our research and professional preparation, we contribute to the development of a literate citizenry prepared to be engaged, reflective, creative, and caring members of their communities, as well as the world.


The College of Education develops multi-culturally competent researchers, scholars, learning leaders and practitioners who make a difference by promoting innovation, social justice, and lifelong learning with a focus on STEM and CLD.  Our research and professional preparation fosters scholarship, intellectual stimulation, openness, flexibility, and a sense of community.