Be Wilder.

In OSU-Cascades’ low-residency MFA in Creative Writing program you will find the solidarity, intimacy and inspiration to show up and write bravely—wherever you are, however complex your “real life,” whatever the storms you have to brave to get to the desk, stay at the desk and thrive at the desk. Our curriculum is engineered to fit the pace of your life, to nurture sustainable writing habits, to teach you the skills needed to sustain a creative livelihood after graduation, and to foster play, at least some of the time, outside your comfort zones.

It’s Inspiring.

Here where the sun sets on one snow-capped peak and then the next and the High Desert is elegant in her westward certitude, we believe we can make the world we are living in the world we want to live in rather than the world that, simply, is. Join us in the adventure!

It's Innovative.

Turning a passion for writing into a profession of writing requires, at a bare minimum: invention, pragmatism and an entrepreneurial attitude. Like rock-climbing: you have to trust your imagination suspended in the air. And, in the indubitable words of Louise Glück: writing is not an occupation but an aspiration, an activity, the freedom to get out there and live—more truly, more meaningfully and more fearlessly!

It's Panoramic.

The MFA in Creative Writing residencies at Caldera Arts—on the shores of a caldera formed from a collapsed volcano and surrounded by old-growth forest—blend the best of the Wild West with a uniquely Oregonian frontier spirit, and offer endless opportunities for exploring your writing life. And we mean that quite literally. Although residencies are spent in glorious isolation in a breathtaking wilderness landscape, our course of study looks to the larger world, with field trips, site-specific performances, volunteer opportunities, exposure to non-Western and non-Anglophone literatures, and social-justice driven collaborative projects.