Brigitte Lewis, Creative Nonfiction, '17

Brigitte Lewis published creative nonfiction at Entropy. Her hybrid piece “Wilhelmina” will appear in the upcoming Winter 40.1 issue of the literary magazine Permafrost.

Thomas Hallberg, Fiction, '17

"As a solitary endeavor, writing entails a risk that I, and no one else, am responsible for the content of my creations. Danger exists in the potential to fail in my work, to misspeak, to fall short. Revision is the process of realizing these failures and attacking them so they become something different and striking. The biggest risk is that I will miss one of these failings and send work to an audience, whether a workshop or general reader, who sees the failings are mine." Meet Thomas

Brittany Von Hoene, Fiction, '16

Brittany was the 2016 Distinguished Student in creative writing. She distinguished herself not only in her writing but also in her dedication to fostering community within the MFA program and beyond. She was a leader with her cohort of students, and she also helped recruit prospective students to the MFA program.

Shareen Murayama, Poetry, '15

Shareen lives, teaches, and writes in Honolulu. She has published poems in "Bamboo Ridge," "The Gambler Mag," "Toegood Poetry," and "Phoebe." In August 2015, Shareen was selected for the Home School, where she worked with Harriette Mullen. She was also awarded a National Endowment for Humanities to study Asian American Film and Literature in NY and a Spring Creek Project Collaborative Retreat in 2015. Meet Shareen

Austin Anderson, Poetry, '15

Austin was a winner of the Association for Writers and Writing Programs Intro Journals Competition in 2015. The winning poem—“When Asked How Many, I Didn’t Know”— is in the Iron Horse Review (17.6). He writes: "I drive to work and sing to myself or clap or make faces or just yell. I am the only who hears me. During my last MFA residency I shouted and sang and whistled a lot one morning. I was heard as I heard a community of so many noises. And I learned that poetry isn't just the words—there is a guttural bellow in it all." Meet Austin

Laura Winberry, Creative Nonfiction,'15

Laura Winberry races cyclocross with Team Speedvagen. Via strand(ed) haikus, Laura is compiling a travelogue of her competitive biking adventures. “Punk rocker, gangster, dirt lover, master of creative writing, and queen of the streets,” Laura is also—when she’s not wrestling with muddy haikus—listed on LinkedIn’s Top-24 Creative Copywriter Profiles. Meet Laura

Mike Cooper, Fiction, '15

Mike Cooper was listed in the Top 25 for Glimmer Train’s New Writer’s Award in 2015. "Getting lost has always been a concern of mine—a Hansel-and-Gretel kind of concern," said Mike. "We had a great class with TC Tolbert talking about what to do when you get lost: look for familiar landmarks, get your bearings, assess your resources, and—contrary to instinct—sometimes it’s best just to stay put. And above all, stay calm, because you’re never really lost, you’re always somewhere." Meet Mike