Meetings are held once weekly as a forum to plan and provide information on upcoming outings, learn new outdoor skills, practice facilitation techniques. Leadership development is also a focus in which we cover topics such as emergency response, wilderness medicine, group decision making, outdoor skill instruction, principles of Leave No Trace recreation and more.

Weekly Meetings Schedule

Every Wednesday from October 4-December 6

Where: Tykeson Hall Room 109


October 4

Game Day

Leading a group through a sequence of challenges can be a daunting task for most people. Groups often share a collection of ideas and concerns that the leaders must be aware of in order to assure a high quality & safe experience for their participants. Come join Cascades Adventures at our weekly meeting for an introduction to some games and team building exercises that are designed to facilitate fun, trust, effective communication and cooperation in a group setting. If you’re already familiar with some activities that promote these benefits, come share them with your fellow classmates.

Please be prepared to be active, have fun, collaborate with others, and meet new people.

October 11

Oregon Adaptive Sports

What does volunteering with Oregon Adaptive Sports look like? Oregon Adaptive Sports is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers age 18 and up to help out this winter season. There are several outdoor volunteer opportunities and some indoor volunteer opportunities that may suit your passion, abilities and recreational interests.

October 18

Knotty Lessons

College populations are often recognized for their knotty behavior on and off campus. Cascades Adventures would like to celebrate this knotty behavior by asking students to share their knowledge of knots. Are you an expert at one knot but could use a refresher tying all of those knots that have eluded your memory. Join Cascades Adventures at our weekly meeting as we go over the bends and bites of knotty behavior.

October 25

First Aid Basics of the Backcountry

Are you actively seeking out new outdoor adventures in Central Oregon? Do you try and spend as much time outside recreating as inside working? Are you prepared to handle an emergency when medical care is not immediately accessible? Too often people find themselves ill-prepared to deal with emergency medical situation in the backcountry. Cascades Adventures is offering workshops on basic wilderness first aid in order to help prepare for those fateful moments. This week we will be instructing on strains, sprains, fractures and the environmental concerns involved with an immobilizing injury. Come learn some new wilderness first aid skills or practice using your knowledge in a controlled environment using case study scenarios.

November 1

W.I.S.E. Layering Systems and the 5 W's of Clothing Selection

Dressing for the outdoors is a learned skill that can help you to stay warm, dry and happy in some of the most challenging environmental conditions. Come learn the basics of thermoregulation and layering systems when active or at rest.  Cascades Adventures will be sharing the secrets of clothing selection, prefered materials and types of clothing construction. If time allows we will also touch on seasonal considerations as it pertains to these topics.

November 15

Avalanche Transceiver Practice

Are you a snow rider that is interested in getting fresh snow when the resort has been all tracked out? Have you wanted to get into the backcountry but don’t have the knowledge to do it safely? Do you own an avalanche transceiver but don’t know how to use it? Practice makes perfect and when it is your friends life in your hands, there is no time to spare. Come join Cascades Adventures for our weekly meeting as we demonstrate and practice the proper use of avalanche transceivers. Transceivers are available for use on a first com first serve basis. If you have a transceiver, please be sure to bring it with you.

November 22

Thanksgiving: Camping Recipe Cook Off

Are you a gourmet backcountry chef or a ramen eating outdoorsman? Do you have a delicious backcountry recipe you have been waiting to share? Now is your chance! Cascades Adventures will be hosting a Thanksgiving edition Camping Recipe Cook Off. Any students up to the challenge should bring in their best backcountry recipes and the food needed to prepare it. Cascades Adventures will provide stoves, fuel, pots and pans for you to test your recipes against your fellow student’s creativity. All cooking will take place outside on the patio regardless of the weather so be prepared to cook in all of the elements. Don’t have any previous experience cooking with a camp stove or backpacking stove, that’s ok! Come taste some delicious entrees and learn a little about cooking with in the outdoors.

November 29

Orienteering Race

Still getting to know your way around Bend and the OSU Cascades campus? Come practice your map reading skills and get to know Bend's westside a bit better. Cascades Adventures will be hosting a Rogaine-style orienteering race in which students will compete against one another to see who knows the campus best. To participate, simply show up in Tykeson Hall room 109 to register. Once there you will receive a map of campus marked with checkpoints stationed throughout – each worth differing point values. Your goal is to get the highest point value in the shortest time by finding as many check points as possible. The race begins at 04:00pm and will run until 5:30pm or however quickly you can finish.

December 6






Do you have any outdoor skills you'd be willing to share? Anything you want to learn about?


Email Jeff Myers with your ideas!