Visitor Parking at the On-Campus Lot

Short-term parking is free in the designated spaces for the first 20 minutes. For longer duration stays, fees apply. Payment of $1 per hour up to $3 per day can be made at the kiosk located between Tykeson Hall and the Dining Hall. Visitors are not required to register their vehicles.

Invited guests can receive a guest permit; please provide your vehicle information (including plate #, make, model) to your university contact in advance of your visit. Your vehicle license plate will serve as your permit on the day of the visit. OSU-Cascades hosts, please email requests for guest permits to

OSU employees from Corvallis that are driving motor pool vehicles can park for free on any OSU-Cascades lot. If not driving a motor pool vehicle, please provide your license plate number to your OSU-Cascades campus host for a guest permit.