OSU Insurance - for students in OSU academic programs

Oregon State University's Domestic Student Insurance is available for purchase to OSU-Cascades students enrolled in at least 6 OSU undergraduate or 3 OSU graduate credits. (For students at OSU-Cascades, the $92 OSU health fee is waived).

  • General information, rates and applications are available from the OSU Student Health Center Insurance page.
  • While the plan is originally established for students in Corvallis, Bend students will be covered under the plan and are able to visit with medical providers outside the Corvallis area.
  • Students are not required to obtain a referral from the Student Health Center.
  • Important!! Review the list of eligible providers before making an appointment to ensure your provider is included. When you go to the list, enter "100100" (OSU's policy number). Then click on "DocFind".
  • Students should check their student account to be sure that they have not been charged the student health fee. If there is a problem/question, come to the front desk in Cascades Hall.

Students should mail the application form and check directly to Corvallis, per the application form. Students should verify that their student address is up-to-date in Student Online Services, as all correspondence will be mailed to that address.

COCC Insurance

Central Oregon Community College does not offer student health insurance. At the same time, the college does not require students to have health insurance coverage in order to enroll in courses and to participate in related activities and events.

Listed below is a link to a health insurance plan that COCC students have subscribed to in recent years*. Some students have found this plan to be helpful, while others have reported high costs and minimal coverage. It is strongly recommended that you thoroughly research the plan in order to determine if it meets your health needs, or if it may be more feasible to purchase a private health insurance plan through a different provider.

The Sentry Student Security Plan

*Oregon State University or Central Oregon Community College do not endorse the above plan or any other private insurance plan.

Additional Insurance Resources

Some private insurance plans or the Oregon Health Plan may provide coverage equal in quality to those of the university health plans for less cost. Below are some resources to help make that decision.

Oregon Health Plan
800-359-9417 or TTY 800-621-526

Insurance Carriers in Oregon

Compare Major Health Coverage with Different Carriers
These products are not reviewed, sponsored or endorsed by Oregon State University.

Compare Travel Insurance Coverage with Different Companies

These products are not reviewed, sponsored or endorsed by Oregon State University.

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