Are You Thinking That You Might Need Some Help?

For many, knowing that you, or a friend, could benefit from professional help is not always so obvious.  Similarly, once the decision to seek help is made, it is not always obvious where to find help or what is involved in the process of seeking help.  We want you to know that OSU-Cascades is here to support you in this process.  Here are answers to some common questions that we hope give you some clarity and direction.  

1. How do I know if I might benefit from professional help?

2. Where do I find help?

3. What should I consider when finding a therapist?

4. What should I expect when making first contact?

5. I'm fine, but how do I cope with my friend’s issues?


If you need any further clarification, or have other questions, our on-site counselor would be happy to help:

     Kathy Lawrence, LCSW, Counselor

     Cascades Hall, Room 214