Student teaching placements in local school districts

OSU-Cascades MAT offers a comprehensive student teaching experience in public school classrooms throughout Central Oregon. The student teaching component is a crucial part of teacher formation that offers students unique exposure to a diversity of school districts, policies, administration, staff, cultures, ethnic and economic groups.

Student Teaching Placement Locations:

In accordance with Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) guidelines, student teaching placements occur in public schools. These include public schools in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties, with our students having the advantage of exposure to rural schools as well as those in our larger communities.

TSPC Endorsements:

Multiple Subjects (Grades K-8) Endorsement
Offers teacher candidates placement opportunities at two levels throughout the academic year. Upon obtaining Initial I Teaching Licensure, teacher candidates gain an endorsement to teach Multiple Subjects in self-contained classrooms at the elementary level in grades K-8.

Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, and/or Social Studies Endorsements
Offers teacher candidates placement opportunities in middle school (Grades 5-9) and high school (grades 7-12) classrooms throughout the academic year for endorsement(s) in either Social Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics or Science.


The College of Education will not place a teacher candidate at a school where a relative or member of household of the teacher candidate works or attends. This information should be disclosed by the teacher candidate at the time of program application.

The placements are all obtained by OSU-Cascades’ Coordinator of Educational Placement, Erin Feeney, in collaboration with each school principal.