OSU-Cascades opened its first residence hall in January

The residence hall will accommodate 300 undergraduate and graduate students. Amenities in the building include quiet study rooms, lounges and kitchens, a fitness center, and indoor bike and gear storage. Meet some of the hall's inaugural residents.

Ryder McDowell, '20 and Maxfield Baker, '20

Ryder (left) is pursuing a degree in computer science and Maxfield is an exploratory studies student at OSU-Cascades. Both freshmen, they became friends fall term while living at Juniper Hall on the Central Oregon Community College campus as they waited for the new OSU-Cascades residence hall to be completed. Ryder is from Hood River and Maxfield is from Newport. "It's great to have the dining hall so close, and I'm also excited to live 20 minutes from Mt Bachelor," said Ryder. "And look at all of these couches!" joked Maxfield.

Wanda Humphrey, '19

Wanda Humphrey is a sophomore working toward a degree in energy systems engineering. During fall term she rented off campus, but her lease was up at the end of the year so she decided to move on campus. "I wanted to be around other students," she said.

Beaver Dam Cafe

The dining and academic building also opened in January and is home to the Beaver Dam cafe. It seats up to 250 guests, with additional outdoor seating. The Beaver Dam also features a coffee bar, where booths are each fitted with an LCD screen, to support project collaboration. A soaring center fireplace is quickly becoming a favorite gathering place for the campus community.

Connor Park, '20, Ethan McCanta, '20 and Austin Smith, '20

Connor, Ethan and Austin (left to right) became close friends during fall term at Juniper Hall, and are excited to be among the first residents to live on the new campus. Austin is looking forward to working out at the fitness center, opening soon on the first floor. "The rooms are bigger than Juniper," said Ethan. "And it will be nice to use the kitchen on our floor and make something other than ramen noodles." Austin and Ethan are both pursuing degrees in natural resources, and Connor is a business administration student.

Nathan Kerr, '18

Nathan is a junior and has been commuting from Gilchrist to OSU-Cascades the past couple of years — more than 50 miles each way. He's studying energy systems engineering and can now spend more time studying and less time commuting.

Emily Sipe, '20 and Anna Salber, '19

"It smells like a new car!" said Emily Sipe (left), describing the new residence hall on the day it opened. Emily is a freshman pursuing a degree in international business. "I like the modern vibe in here," she added. Anna Salber is in her second year and is earning a degree in social science with a minor in natural resources. "I like that everything is so close," she said.



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