On-campus living provides you the greatest opportunity for academic success and enjoyment at OSU-Cascades. Summer residents live on the 2nd floor of the residence hall, contracting on a flexible basis for a room and meal plan. The residence hall has a choice of room types, and feature suite-style bathrooms.

Summer residents enjoy many opportunities for recreation and study groups. Free high-speed internet connections and laundry facilities, and proximity to all campus resources are significant advantages over off-campus housing.

Apply for Summer 2018

  • March 16, 2018: Application is available online at 10:00 am. Pacific Time
    • Once you are admitted to OSU you can apply
    • Log in to MyUHDS to apply

Summer Housing Schedule

2018 Summer Session students can sign up to live on campus for either a 8- or 12-week period.

  • June 24 - August 18
  • June 17 - September 7

Need to be on campus for just a few days? You may be eligible to live in on-campus scholar housing.

General Information

  • Summer session students are invited to live in the residence hall during the sessions they are enrolled at OSU.
  • Room Types: we offer single, double, and triple rooms, as well as two-bedroom apartments.
  • Washers and dryers are available and included in your housing package; no coins or tokens are necessary.
  • Accessible rooms are available. Please complete the Disability Accommodation Request via MyUHDS, and submit online.
  • Regular Summer Session meal service is provided at the Beaver Dam through the 12-week session, June 17 to September 7. Residents are encouraged to refer to the website for current information on restaurant hours.
  • Cancellations for summer session housing received after June 1, 2017, will be subject to a $500 cancellation fee.

Contract Information

Contracts are available for 8 weeks or 12 weeks only; pro-rating for partial weeks is not available.

Summer Session housing is available until Sept. 7, 2018, for students who are not living in UHDS housing for Fall Term 2018. Students who are living in UHDS housing during both Summer Term 2018 and Fall Term 2018 can remain in on-campus housing until Fall Term begins but will transition to their Fall Term assignment on Sept. 7, 2018.

 Summer Housing and Dining Rates

The rates below include both housing and a dining plan ($42/week), there is also a $74/week and $0/week option.

Room Type 8 weeks 12 weeks
Triple with Private Bath $1,307 $1,960
Double with Shared Bath $1,800 $2,700
Double with Private Bath $2,333 $3,500
Single with Shared Bath $2,467 $3,700
Single with Private Bath $2,667 $4,000
Two-Bedroom Apartment $2,800 $4,200