During Fall 2017, Oregon State University - Cascades move-in for all residents will be Sunday, Sept. 17. 

Download the printable Move-In Guide

Temporary parking pass to print (PDF)

What is my room number/who is my roommate?

You can check your MyUHDS to take a peek at your room assignment and get the contact info of your roommate. It’s a good time to figure out who is bringing the fridge and who is bringing the tv.

How do I know my mailing address?

<Your name>
Oregon State University - Cascades
1500 SW Chandler Ave.

Bend OR 97702

How big are the beds?

All room types have XL-twins.

Can I send mail or belongings via mail?

You can send packages or mail to your residence hall address when mailboxes are assigned on September 1. The mailrooms will hold your mail and packages until the end of the first week of Fall Term. 

Where do I get loft kits?
If you would like to sign up for a loft kit please sign up on your MyUHDS account. The rental charge for a loft kit is $210 which can be billed to your student account in Fall Term. For more information on loft kit reservations, please view the loft kit site.

ID Cards and Dining Plans:
If you did not get your student ID card during the START program, please go to the mailroom located across the breezeway from the housing office in the residence hall. You need your ID card to eat at the dining centers. Your dining plan is already on your ID card, so no additional set up is necessary once you have your card. If you wish to change your dining plan please go to your MyUHDS account to submit a dining plan change.

Computer Network Connections:
All residence hall rooms have a wired connection and wireless coverage. We recommend bringing a network cable to connect to the wired network, even if you plan on using wireless. Wired connections are faster, more secure, and more reliable than wireless. OSU does not allow the use of personal wireless routers or access points as they can interfere with OSU's wireless coverage.

Room and Board Payment Information:
Room and board charges are billed to your student account at the beginning of each term. These charges will appear on an online eBill statement, which includes all tuition, housing, and other miscellaneous university charges and payments. eBills are processed on the 5th of each month and include all new charges or credits. Residents will receive a copy of their eBill via their university email address (ONID) account.

Parking and Transportation:
A car is not a necessity, but many students have cars at OSU. There are grocery stores, restaurants and other destinations within walking distance from campus. To travel to locations further from campus, Cascades East Transit offers fareless public bus service. It is important to note that resident students park for free in the long-term/residential lot (on Columiba/Simpson). 

Personal Property (Renters) Insurance:
UHDS recommends purchasing Personal Property or Renters Insurance either through your family’s existing account, or through one of many insurance agencies.

Arriving after 5 p.m.?
Students arriving after 5 p.m. on the move-in day must check-in with the on-duty Resident Assistant (RA) in their assigned building. The RA on-duty can be reached by calling the posted cell phone number on the hall doors.

What about after that?

Unpack, get settled, attend your All-Hall meeting, and get ready for Welcome Week. For more info, visit Campus Living 101.