Veterans education benefits are assessed based on the student’s enrollment status. The maximum benefit is provided to those students who are enrolled full-time. The benefit provided to those with less than full-time enrollment is reduced proportionately.

Enrollment Status Undergraduate Graduate
Full-time 12+ credits 9+ credits
3/4 time 9-11 credits 7-8 credits
Half-time 6-8 credits 5-6 credits
Less than half-time 1-5 credits 1-4 credits

Before you withdraw from a class or make any changes to your registration, please contact the certifying officials or veterans’ coordinator to review your options and discuss overpayment.

Veterans Benefits for COCC courses

OSU-Cascades is your parent school. If you register for classes at Central Oregon Community College (COCC), your courses need to be approved by OSU’s certifying officials allowing COCC to certify your courses at their institution. The Parent School Letter form is used for this process. You must:

  1. Complete and sign the form
  2. Return the form to the veterans coordinator or to your academic advisor

Try to finalize your schedule and submit your Parent School Letter form before the term starts, ideally during finals week.  If you add a course from a waitlist or make changes to your schedule anytime during the term:

  1. Submit another Parent School Letter form
  2. Contact the veterans coordinator or the certifying officials immediately