Hot Topics Related to the OSU-Cascades Office of Admissions During COVID-19 Interruptions

Update on FALL 2020 Classes (5/28/20)

We've recently made some decisions about how fall at OSU-Cascades will work. At the same time, we want to let you know that the health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff are our highest priority. If the spread of COVID-19 infections were to escalate, we may have to make changes; if we do, you will be among the first to know.

  • This fall, students may see a mix of class sections including those that are fully in-person, those where students meet each week in-person and remotely, and those that are fully remote.
  • Class sections delivered in-person will, whenever possible accommodate students who may need a remote option; remote learning technology is being installed in all classrooms to accommodate this approach.
  • In-person classes that typically end 50 minutes after the hour will now end 45 minutes after the hour. This will allow for a slightly longer transition time between classes to facilitate lower density and avoid possible crowding.
  • All on-campus courses will be held in classrooms that satisfy physical distancing guidelines. We will implement comprehensive, enhanced sanitation and cleaning.
  • While there are not many large classes at OSU-Cascades, we expect class sections with enrollments of over 40 students will be delivered remotely. Exceptions are possible in some circumstances.
  • The 40-student cutoff is a current estimate and will remain fluid, and will not automatically apply to every course.
  • The residence hall will be open. A single room for each and every residential student with no more than two students sharing a bathroom will ensure a healthy on-campus community.
  • We expect student life activities to resume with necessary health and safety precautions, including events from outdoor adventures to drive-in movie nights to a host of club activities.

For admitted students who have already canceled their OSU application for Fall 2020 - if this information changes your plans, please reach out to the Admissions Office for steps to reactivate your application and financial aid.


As a result of university efforts to engage in social distancing to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Oregon State University-Cascades Office of Admissions recruitment and visit programs will be canceled through mid June. This includes Summer Preview Day, group tours and all daily tours. We apologize for these cancellations and appreciate your understanding as we work to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19 locally, nationally and globally.

When we are open to host visitors again, we will let you know.  Our hope is to host visitors on campus soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to connect with us for an individual Zoom appointment or at one of our upcoming virtual events. You can also take a virtual tour from the comfort of your home.


The Office of Admissions continues to operate, just differently.  Applications are being processed, mail is being opened, and letters of admission are being sent.  But, we are all working on behalf of Beaver Nation (current and future) from our homes with screaming kids trying to interrupt our Zoom meetings. Yeah, we're ready to get back to doing this in-person too.  Ahh, the good old days. 

We're here to answer your questions through live chat, email, Zoom appointments, and a growing number of scheduled live events online

We do not know when we will be back on campus but we will keep you posted. In the meantime, please reach out to us!


We recognize how challenging this situation can be for students trying to make their final college decision. New students for Fall 2020 are encouraged to visit our new admitted student page, designed to answer many of your questions. We will be regularly adding content to this page, so we encourage you to visit often. The site also includes a growing number of ways that students and families can communicate with us during this time. 

To help relieve some of your anxiety, we've further extended our deadline to September 1, 2020.  This is the date by which you must finalize your decision on whether or not to attend OSU in the Fall.  Any Advance Tuition Deposits made to confirm your enrollment are refundable so long as you let us know of your change of plans by end of day on September 1. Confirming your enrollment is required to participate in Cascades START (orientation). We have also relaxed our policy on waiving deposits.  If you are experiencing financial difficulty and it is preventing you from confirming your enrollment at this time, you may request a deposit waiver at the confirmation link above.

In the meantime, we are asking all admitted freshmen for Fall 2020 to confirm at OSU by June 1.  Your intent to enroll may be yes, no, or unsure.  What you tell us is non-binding.  We understand that your decision may change.  We simply want to know which way you are leaning so that we can best plan to serve our students this Fall. Students that have already confirmed their enrollment or told us they are not planning to attend OSU do not need to declare their intent to enroll.

Deferring your enrollment to a future term -

Admitted students for Fall 2020 who wish to defer their enrollment to a future term or year may review our policy for deferring admission and scholarships here.

All Cascades START sessions will be offered remotely this summer. We’ll get you STARTed this summer and then hope to provide in person orientation to students and family members in September.


In an effort to help with social distancing and to provide you with a space on campus you feel secure and safe this fall, we have made some changes to our room layouts and are now offering single occupancy rooms to all students for the 2020-2021 academic year. When choosing your room and roommate, you will now be only sharing the suite bathroom with the person. The housing application is now open! As a reminder, local students planning to live at home still need to complete

Grades and transcripts

We understand that high school or college courses that were in progress when school was closed or course delivery methods were changed may be displayed as incomplete or with pass/fail grades or they may simply show that they were never really completed.  We also understand that the changes over the last several weeks may have impacted your performance in courses in progress.  OSU-Cascades will not rescind admission or scholarships based on the grading decisions made at your high school during this time. Final high school transcripts, when available, will need to be sent to OSU-Cascades indicating you’ve graduated. College transcripts, regardless of the current grades must be received and credit transfer will be determined using existing policy and process.

High school students who may have to continue instruction or have unforeseen delays in providing a transcript/diploma showing graduation date (required for disbursement of financial aid), we will be as flexible as the law allows. Please contact our office to discuss your particular situation.

AP and IB credit

AP - If you are taking AP exams at home this term you will be awarded credit based on the score earned in the same way we would have if you were at school and taking the longer exam.

IB - The IB Organization has indicated that there will not be exams at the end of the year but that they will provide similar score to colleges and universities based on an evaluation of your work in your IB courses thus far. We will continue to award credit for these scores according to our published exam credit policy based on these "exam-less" scores provided by IB.

Check out our AP and IB credits by subject/exam

Orientation (START)

New student orientation (called START) will be offered remotely this summer. You can still sign up by calling 541-322-3100 ext. 1. Registration for START is available to students who have confirmed their enrollment with their Advance Tuition Deposit. Visit our First-year and Transfer START pages to learn more about your individualized advising appointment and upcoming “Getting STARTed” virtual events.

Late applicants

Yes, OSU-Cascades is still accepting applications for Fall 2020. We recognize that these unprecedented times may have an impact on your original plans. We would love to have you join us here at OSU-Cascades. Admission will be considered holistically, taking into account educational disruptions students are currently encountering. For students who have not taken an ACT or SAT, you will be given the option to request that we consider your admission without test scores once you have submitted your application.

Transfer credit / "Pass" grading

OSU will transfer coursework completed as Pass credit. Spring 2020 term transfer courses completed as Pass credit can be used to complete major-specific requirements for graduation.

Writing and Math courses needed to qualify for transfer admissions may also be considered with a Pass grade.


OSU will be test-optional for Fall 2021 applicants. Don't sweat canceled test dates or lack of focus on standardized tests — at least not on our part. Learn more here.


If you are not already following us @osucascades on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, please do so. This is a quick way for us to provide you with updates on the situation, as well as some fun content we are planning over the next few weeks.