The OSU Honors College at OSU-Cascades

The Honors College and OSU-Cascades are pleased to provide OSU-Cascades students with the opportunity to be part of the Honors College experience. The OSU Honors College welcomed its first cohort of honors students at OSU-Cascades in the fall of 2017 and has since grown from 7 to over 30 students. The first OSU-Cascades HC students graduated in 2019.

How to Apply

The application for the Honors College is an optional part of the OSU-Cascades application for admission for first-year students. Transfer students and current OSU-Cascades students can apply via the Honors College website. Currently, the Honors College is accepting applications from current OSU-Cascades students each term. Minimum criteria for Honors College application consideration may be found here. For questions about Honors College admission or for access to the HC application, contact us at or 541-737-3027.


Worth Working Towards

Zach Mize left high school without his diploma in 1999 and earned his GED in 2000. He joined the military and served on and off for eight years. After his discharge he worked as an ironworks millwright. It was strenuous work and after six hand surgeries he needed a change. Despite his fear about returning to school, he felt it was the only option to support his family. Today he’s completing his honors thesis, he’s a co-author of research paper on an invasive snail in the Monterey Bay, and he’s planning on getting a Ph.D. in aquatic epidemiology.

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Small Setting, Big Opportunities

For high-achieving high school students who want to live in Central Oregon — and many of them do — having the Honors College at OSU-Cascades means they can continue along their path with advanced classes, unique research opportunities and interdisciplinary studies offered at the Bend campus. They’ll also graduate with the Honors Baccalaureate, Oregon State’s most prestigious undergraduate degree.


Honors College Advising and Course Planning

Students in the Honors College work directly with professional Honors College Academic Advisors as well as their major Academic Advisor. Honors College Academic Advisors can help you navigate and understand your Honors College requirements, including the thesis.
Each year, honors courses that serve a variety of majors and interests will be offered at OSU-Cascades. Honors courses are designed to offer deeper engagement and hands-on learning, adhering to the philosophy that honors means a different learning style rather than more work.

Honors course credit can be earned by completing specific Honors College courses. Alternatively, a non-Honors College course may fulfill Honors College credits if an instructor and student agree to an Honors College Contract Option.

Current Course Listing
Honors College Advising
OSU-Cascades Honors College faculty program lead

A Collaborative Community

In addition to enriching academics, the Honors College offers a collaborative community with residence hall options, study space, and experiences outside of the classroom including annual trips, events and activities. HC students at OSU-Cascades have access to:

  • Priority registration
  • An Honors Themed Living Option within the OSU-Cascades Residence Hall
  • Honors College Learning Lounge available to all HC students
  • Complimentary printing
  • Community events including:
    • Coffee with the dean
    • Welcome dinner & induction
    • Adventure trips
    • Career development opportunities
    • Service to the community