Resident Scholarships

The following scholarships are for students enrolling for the first time starting in the Summer or Fall term only. All scholarships are based on available funding. Ecampus (distance/online) students are not eligible for these scholarships.
New Freshman New Transfer Current Students Important Dates Cost of Attendance

Scholarships for New Freshman Students

Finley Academic Excellence Scholarship for New Resident Freshmen
SAT (new)

SAT (old, including essay)

ACT 3.6-3.749 3.75-4.0
< 1300 < 1800 < or = 26   $1,500
> or = 1300 > or = 1800 > or = 27 $3,000 $6,000
  • Awards are available for Bend and Corvallis campuses
  • Amounts are renewable up to four years
  • Automatically awarded based upon your OSU Application for Admissions
  • Official high school transcripts and test scores from testing service required for review
  • Unweighted GPA is used for scholarship calculation
  • Awards will be finalized in March based on any new academic records received
  • Recipients may be eligible for additional scholarships
  • University, alumni and/or donors, academic college/department

Students ineligible for automatic awards may be considered for Academic Achievement or Diversity Achievement scholarships.  

Selection of Academic Achievement and Diversity Achievement awards through the competitive process is based on a holistic review of individuals via information provided as part of their admissions application file. A primary objective when making these competitive awards is to attract students that can add to the academic, geographic, and cultural fabric of the OSU community. Awardees for these competitive scholarships are notified in mid-March.

The Diversity Achievement Scholarship specifically has criteria that requires one or more of the following for consideration:

  • Low income, as determined by their FAFSA,
  • Has a documented disability,
  • Identify as being from an underrepresented community, such as an ethnic minority, veteran, and/or first generation to attend college

Presidential Scholarship

As Oregon State University’s most prestigious award, the Presidential Scholarship is designed to reward academic excellence and inspire those selected to continue to be a positive force in the world.  The scholarship is highly competitive with Presidential Scholars in line to pursue elite awards such as the Goldwater, Fulbright and Truman Scholarships upon graduation from Oregon State. In total, the Presidential Scholarship provides $40,000 over the student’s undergraduate career ($10,000 renewable for four years).  

To be considered for the Presidential Scholarship Competition, students must be a current Oregon high school senior, have a minimum 3.85 un-weighted GPA, and a minimum score of 1360 SAT (new test format) or 1900 SAT (old test w/ essay) or 29 ACT. In addition, applicants are evaluated on their scholarship application and Insight Resume response, specifically in the following areas:

  • Our understanding of you as a unique, contributing individual
  • Your accomplishments, perspectives, experiences, and talents
  • Your achievements within the context of your social and personal circumstances
  • Participation in activities that develop academic, intellectual, and leadership abilities
Additional Competitive Scholarship Opportunities for New Freshmen

National Merit Scholarship
OSU participates with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) to award merit-based scholarships. Students selected as finalists in the College-Sponsored program who list OSU as their first-choice school on the NMSC application will receive an additional $8,000 over four years.

IB Diploma Scholarship
Students participating in an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program may qualify for the IB Diploma Scholarship. To qualify, entering freshmen must have scored a total of 30 or higher on the IB exam and indicated pursuit of the IB Diploma.  Advanced awards will be offered in March with offers finalized once scores are verified by the IBO in July.  Awards are $3,000 annually / $12,000 over four years.

Oregon State Departmental Scholarships
Some scholarship opportunities are available for freshman and transfer students within their college or major. Each department administers their own scholarships, sets deadlines, posts and reviews applications, and awards based on their established criteria. Exploring your options couldn’t be easier! Visit the Oregon State Scholarship Database. Enter specific criteria or do a general search to see the opportunities available to you. Each scholarship hit will provide you with the name of the scholarship and criteria for award. Click on the hyperlinked scholarship name for information on applying and the managing entity that can provide additional information.

Scholarships for Global Study

Oregon State University recognizes the value of international perspectives in its mission to promote economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for people across Oregon, the nation and the world. The opportunity to study abroad or participate in an international internship can be a chance to gain new perspectives and skills to help you with your studies and inspire you to be a global citizen. Not only can Oregon State scholarships and financial aid be used to help fund your study abroad experience, and many program providers as well as colleges offer additional scholarships for international study or internships. Many students also take advantage of prestigious national scholarship opportunities to fund their time abroad. Visit the International Programs website for more information!

Legacy Scholarships

The OSU Alumni Association Legacy Access Awards are for incoming freshmen or transfers who have a parent or guardian that is an Oregon State alumnus. This scholarship is designed to assist prospective students that may not otherwise be able to afford college. This is a need-based award with a one-time value of $2,000. Qualifications include:  proof of legacy, 3.65 cumulative GPA, and 1200 SAT.  Selections are competitive and made in March during the competitive round.


OSU-Cascades has an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program on campus. The focus of the ROTC program is leadership, management, and character development in the hope of preparing students for careers in the Armed Forces. Scholarships are awarded via national boards and selectively by the commanding officers of each unit. OSU also provides select ROTC students with additional Provost and Foundation Scholarship money that is awarded based on merit and financial need. More information can be gained by the following sites:


Bridge To Success

Oregon State University's Bridge to Success program serves more than 3,000 students annually. The program, which began at OSU in 2008, ensures that qualified students receive enough gift aid (financial aid and scholarships that do not need to be repaid) to cover their annual tuition and fees at OSU.

To be considered, a new student must meet the following criteria:

  • Oregon resident
  • On time applicant (complete application by Feb. 1 admissions priority deadline) and is admitted to OSU
  • Submits FAFSA by OSU's Feb. 28th financial aid priority deadline
  • Pell eligible (based on annual FAFSA results
  • Qualifies for and recieves Oregon Opportunity Grant funding

Awards are based on available funding and are not guaranteed. Student eligibility is reviewed each year based on annual FAFSA results and the renewal criteria tied to the aid/scholarships recieved. Students selected for Bridge to Success funding often don't know they've been selected, as scholarship and aid awards that cover tuition and fees come from many sources. Students who meet criteria will have all available funds awarded to them by early April.

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Scholarships for New Transfers Students

Transfer students = (College students with 36 or more quarter credit hours prior to enrolling at OSU)
Finley Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Oregon residents transferring to OSU with a 3.75 transfer GPA and 36 hours (renewable annually) are automatically considered for an Academic Achievement Scholarship in the amount of $2,000 annually.
  • Must apply for Fall term by Feb. 1 application deadline.  These awards are limited and are awarded competitively.
  • Qualified applicants are also considered for competitive Diversity Achievement awards (variable amounts; renewable annually) with greater than 3.25 transfer GPA. Must apply for fall term by Feb. 1 application deadline.
  • Academic Achievement and Diversity Achievement awards made to transfers are renewable for three additional years (four total years of support).
  • Scholarships are available for students attending OSU in Corvallis or OSU-Cascades (Bend) only. Ecampus (distance/online) students are not eligible for these scholarships.


Current Students

Scholarships offered through OSU-Cascades are for degree-seeking admitted students at OSU-Cascades, who have a 2.50 GPA or higher, and are enrolled in their first bachelor’s degree program. Most OSU-Cascades scholarships require full-time enrollment (at least 12 credits) each term and at least six credits of OSU-Cascades courses to qualify.

Evaluation of the scholarship application information will be done by a committee composed of faculty, community members and OSU-Cascades staff. Most scholarships are awarded for one academic year and students must re- apply each year; some scholarships are automatically renewable if the conditions of the award are met by the student. Most scholarships range from $300 to $1000 per academic term.

Apply Now for Scholarships

Students enrolled in OSU-Cascades degree programs can apply for scholarships in the following areas:

Cascades Mini-Grant: Freshman to Senior standing, 2.50 GPA or higher. Scholarships range from $300 to $1,500.

Cascades Scholar: Junior standing, cumulative GPA 3.50 or higher. Scholarships range from $900 to $3,000.

Cascades Community: Scholarships from donors committed to supporting OSU-Cascades students with varying eligibility requirements. Scholarships range from $300 to $4,500. See below list.



Bank of the Cascades OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Business major, Bank of the Cascades serving counties, financial need, deserving GPA
Bank of the Cascades Foundation

OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Freshman, Bank of the Cascades serving counties, 2.50 GPA

Bennington Hospitality Management OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Hospitality Management, financial need, preference to Southern Deschutes County or Central Oregon, preference to first generation, 2.50 GPA
Carlyn Winger OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Liberal Studies, Speech Communication or Communication minor, Junior, 3.50 GPA
Cascades Natural Gas OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Cascade Natural Gas service area, Sophomore, Business, Engineering, Natural Resources, 3.00 GPA
Chavez-Huerta OSU-Cascades - 6 credits min, first generation, financial need, attended community college in the East of the Cascades counties, bilingual, contribute to a diverse campus community, 2.50 GPA; application due May 1
Daisy and Doug Layman OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Central Oregon incoming freshman, underrepresented student, financial need, live in residence hall, 2.50 GPA
Ester Mattson Study Abroad OSU-Cascades Study Abroad - 6 credits min, Junior, deserving GPA
First American Title OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, financial need, 2.50 GPA
Geoffrey and Cynthia Hance Veterans OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Active Duty Veteran, rotate between male and female recipients, 2.50 GPA 
George and Shirley Ray Endowed OSU-Cascades - 6 credits min, 1 to 2 years at COCC, Central Oregon sophomore, 2.50 GPA
Greater Bend Rotary Club OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Bend La Pine School District graduate, financial need, attend 1 or 2 Rotary lunches, 2.50 GPA
Joe Richie Engineering OSU-Cascades, 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Engineering, 2.50 GPA
John and Lari Hodecker Cascades OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Central Oregon junior, financial need, deserving GPA
Pacific Power OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Energy Systems Engineering, 3.50 GPA
Pamela and Patrick Klampe OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, STEM: Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, financial need, but not Pell Grant eligible, 3.00 GPA
Patricia & Greg Moss OSU-Cascades OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, 2.50 GPA
Peoples Family OSU-Cascades - 6 credits min, Health Sciences including Psychology, Human Development and Family Sciences, Biology, Exercise and Sport Science and similar, financial need, first generation, US citizen, 3.20 GPA
Rane Johnson/Microsoft OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, financial need, public high school from Oregon or SW Washington, contribute to a diverse campus community, preference to underrepresented females, 2.50 GPA
Wayne and Beverly Gaskins Endowed OSU-Cascades - 12 credits min, 6 credits at OSU-Cascades, deserving students, 2.50 GPA
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Important Dates

November 1 - Early Action Deadline To be considered for OSU’s early action (non-binding) notification pool for admission and merit-based scholarship awarding, students must complete the OSU Application for Admission (including all scholarship questions). Honors College also makes offers during this Early Notification Pool.

February 1 - Priority Application Deadline To be considered for scholarships, students must complete the OSU Application for Admission (including all scholarship questions). Honors College applications must also be completed by this date.  

Mid-March - Competitive scholarship review and final awards Following our Priority Application Deadline, all on-time applicants will be considered for competitive scholarships, including Academic and Diversity Achievement scholarships.  Students that have improved their academic standing since applying earlier in the year will be considered for additional scholarship funds based on additional transcripts or test scores received since their original award. For more information on important dates and deadlines, visit

Accepting your award

If you received a scholarship award from us, congratulations!  Here is how to accept your award online!

Scholarship Use as a Degree Partnership Program (DPP) Student

Degree Partnership Program students wishing to take advantage of Oregon Promise funds at their community college are not eligible to receive OSU scholarships at the same time.  DPP students will, however, be considered for special DPP scholarships once they declare their intent to enroll full time at OSU.  DPP students not receiving Oregon Promise may use their OSU scholarship so long as they are enrolled in at least 6 OSU credits and declare OSU as their home school for financial aid purposes.

Degree seeking OSU-Cascades students may take Central Oregon Community College coursework to achieve an OSU-Cascades degree. Therefore, students are able to receive OSU scholarship support so long as they are enrolled full-time (12 credits) and in at least six OSU-Cascades credits.

University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program (USP) serves all recipients of OSU scholarships. USP provides leadership and service opportunities to enhance students’ campus experiences through networking.  As part of the USP, scholars are provided direction to be competitive for elite scholarship programs such as the Fulbright, Marshall and Truman Scholarships upon graduation from Oregon State.

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