Current, continuing OSU students can change their selected campus. Students should review which academic programs are available at each campus as you decide what OSU campus fits your educational and college experience goals. New students will work with Admissions departments at appropriate campus to change their admitted Campus.

Change campus to OSU-Cascades

Students changing from another OSU campus to OSU-Cascades students will begin by contacting the OSU-Cascades Head Advisor. Students changing to OSU-Cascades should email the OSU-Cascades Head Advisor and include the following information:

  • OSU ID number
  • Requested term change
  • Intended major
Changing campus to OSU-Cascades Tips:
  • Begin the Change of Campus process early in the term prior to the term you intend to change. Changing fall term – begin process prior to fall term registration.
  • Students who are changing campuses to OSU-Cascades will review this online orientation.
  • Continuing admitted International Students must complete the Office of International Services (OIS) required Transfer to Cascades form. Contact the OIS before deciding to change campus.
  • International Students are required to attend an International Student Orientation at Cascades. International Students should plan campus transfer two terms prior to intended term.

Change campus to OSU Corvallis

To change campus from OSU-Cascades to OSU-Corvallis students will follow the Procedures for Declaring Majors.
Students will be notified by the college if they are required to attend a Transfer START orientation session for OSU Corvallis.

Change campus to OSU E-campus

OSU-Cascades students who are changing campus to OSU E-campus will follow the Procedures for Declaring Majors and complete the E-campus Degree Seeking Online Orientation.