May 7 - May 27

Students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in the OSU-Cascades Wellness Challenge and increase healthy habits through physical activity, proper nutrition, emotional support, and building relationships; all the while earning points for a chance to win some great prizes! The mission of this three-week challenge is to create a culture of wellness and community through a combination of coordinated and self-selected events which provide participants with the resources to make healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices, resulting in an improved state of well-being.

For up to date information, check out the OSU-Cascades Wellness Challenge webpage. Each week there will be a different wellness focus and participants will be asked to try new activities related to that focus. A list of activities and events for each theme will be available. Log your activities daily here.

 Physical Wellness Week, May 7-13

Emotional Wellness Week, May 14-20

Social Wellness Week, May 21-27

Sign up here to join the wellness challenge! Any person who signs up will receive an OSU-Cascades wellness t-shirt. If you have any questions, please email