I echo OSU President Ed Ray’s message of yesterday regarding the terrible and deeply troubling events that have taken place over the last week, targeting individuals because of their faith or political beliefs.  
Diversity is a core value at OSU and OSU-Cascades, one that we embrace and hold dear. This means that we reject intolerance, hatred and violence at all levels. It also means that we must work together to foster a community of acceptance and inclusion, one that welcomes diversity of thought and celebrates our differences.
If at any point you have concerns, need support or want to help others within our campus community, please know that the following campus resources are available to you:
Diversity Committee – a group of faculty, staff and students who work to create a welcoming and inclusive campus for all
Student Wellness – provides services that support the emotional, social and physical well-being of students
Counseling Clinic – free counseling for community members, and students and employees, offered through the graduate counseling program
Report a Concern – information about how you can report a concern, including prejudice, racism, discrimination and violence
At OSU-Cascades we are a small community, but we have the responsibility to advance equity and inclusion within our campus and in the greater world.  
I hope you will join me and the many others at OSU and OSU-Cascades who are doing this important work.