A 30-Year Community Vision Takes Shape

The 10-acre campus, 46-acre pumice mine, and 72-acre landfill expand the campus footprint to 128 acres. These properties make up one of the largest undeveloped areas within the City of Bend. By developing these properties, the university is supporting Oregon’s land use goals of increasing density rather than sprawl.

Work Underway in 2018

Remediation work to prepare the land for development initiates this summer. Following are highlights.


  • Bend City Council approved campus masterplan


  • Clearing and removal of shrubs from floor of pumice mine
    • Impact: Neighbors may be aware of trucks accessing the properties via Simpson Avenue


  • Tests to confirm process to blend and re-use site materials
  • Processing of non-fill materials, such as boulders and construction debris
    • Impact: Neighbors may notice truck and heavy equipment movement to and on the properties


  • Community presentation of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality approved Health and Safety Plan
    • Impact: Neighbors can learn about efforts to ensure the health and safety of site workers, campus community members and campus neighbors

A Community Campus

Campus plans reflect input of more than 1,500 community members and include:

  • 10 miles of walking and biking trails
  • An amphitheater
  • Natural landscape than can attract native birds and insects
  • Recreation fields
  • Food venues and outdoor seating
  • Innovation District – a hub for public-private research partnerships
  • Mid-market, affordable housing

Did You Know?

  • Engineers from OSU’s renowned College of Engineering contributed to the site remediation plans.
  • By using soil from the landfill to fill the adjoining pumice mine, the number of truckloads of external material will be reduced by an estimated 30,000.
  • The campus long range development plan earned an award for innovative design from the national Society of University and College Planners.
  • The next campus building will focus on the STEAM academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts and math.