The new Bend campus brings with it an opportunity to create and support sustainability in many ways — economically, socially and ecologically — and to serve as a catalyst for positive change in Central Oregon. Together with the community, we envision a campus that pushes the edge of the sustainable built environment frontier, serves as a dynamic natural laboratory for faculty and student research, and provides students with extraordinary opportunities to shape a thriving community, on and off campus.

In June 2014 OSU-Cascades adopted a vision for sustainability for the new campus set forth by the Sustainability Task Force of the Campus Expansion Advisory Committee:

Design a campus that is of the natural and human Central Oregon community

  1. Build a campus that demonstrates innovation and leadership in energy and resource use, community integration, distributive justice, social equity and outstanding learning experiences for students in a financially viable manner
  2. Design learning environments that emphasize and encourage new learning models
  3. Design and operate a campus that is transformative for visitors, faculty, staff, students and the community
  4. Design and operate a campus that firmly establishes a new transportation paradigm, de-emphasizing the single occupancy motor vehicle. See Transportation Options.
  5. Implement policy and curricula that prepares students to understand global discourses of sustainability and how the local contributes to global sustainability