Pumice Mine Reclamation

Work is underway to reclaim a former pumice mine so that the expansion of OSU-Cascades can continue. The camera below looks west toward the deepest portion of the mine, where the bottom was 100 feet below the surrounding land. During the reclamation work, crews removed fill material in the mine, processed it and replaced it to create a structurally consistent material. Sheer cuts on the sides of the mine were re-sloped to improve access into the campus and provide material to raise the bottom of the mine to the final design elevation — as much as 40 feet in places. Additionally, remediation of an adjacent demolition waste landfill — also owned by the university — yields clean soil and rock to be used as fill in the pumice mine. OSU-Cascades has initiated the expansion of its campus onto the reclaimed mine site with construction of a Edward J. Ray Hall, which was completed in September 2021.



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Phase 1A: Summer 2019 to Summer 2021

The campus expansion will happen slowly — perhaps one building every two years — and in phases over the coming decades. During Phase 1A, infrastructure and off-campus transportation infrastructure will also be developed.

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How will dust be managed during construction? Is the landfill hazardous? Get answers to the most FAQ about our expansion.

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Campus Infrastructure

The next stage creates basic infrastructure for Phase 1A, including streets, sidewalks and parking. The infrastructure also includes campus features including an amphitheater and an oval green.

Pumped Sewer
Condenser Lines
Water Mains
Storm Water Management
Gravity Sewer
Data Conduits
Electrical Conduits

City Infrastructure

The development includes off-campus transportation enhancements in Bend that will benefit our growing community:

Roundabout - SW Colorado Ave. and Columbia St.
Pedestrian/Bike Path - campus entrance on SW Simpson Ave. to SW Century Dr.

Edward J. Ray Hall

Learn more about our future STEAM building.