Phase 1A: Summer 2019 to Summer 2021

The campus expansion will happen slowly — perhaps one building every two years — and in phases over the coming decades. During Phase 1A, infrastructure and off-campus transportation infrastructure will also be developed.

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Our goal is to share the story of the campus development and the ways we will minimize its impact on our surrounding community.

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Barry Shepard, On-Site Superintendent
FORTIS Construction

Land Remediation and Reclamation

The first stage of the expansion transforms the former pumice mine and landfill into land that is suitable for development. An innovative process involves reuse of suitable landfill material, properly blended with other materials on-site to fill and regrade both the pumice mine and landfill to create buildable land. By using soil from the landfill to fill the adjoining pumice mine, the number of truckloads of external material will be reduced by an estimated 30,000.

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Campus Infrastructure

The next step creates basic infrastructure for Phase 1A, including streets, sidewalks and parking. The infrastructure also includes campus features including an amphitheater and an oval green.

  • Pumped Sewer
  • Condenser Lines
  • Water Mains
  • Storm Water Management
  • Gravity Sewer
  • Data Conduits
  • Curb/Gutter
  • Electrical Conduits

City Infrastructure

The development includes off-campus transportation enhancements in Bend will benefit our growing community:

  • Roundabout - SW Colorado Ave. and Columbia St.
  • Pedestrian/Bike Path - campus entrance on SW Simpson Ave. to SW Century Dr.

Academic Building 2

The next academic building is scheduled to open fall 2021. Learn more about our future STEAM building.