OSU-Cascades will provide education for the student community about sexual violence through presentations at least twice a year.
Information about sexual violence, consent, and university response is also available through on-campus personal counseling services at (541) 322-3162 and the OSU-Cascades website.
In addition, at least once a year, OSU-Cascades emails newsletters to inform students and employees about sexual violence and provide information about the local resources.

Reporting Sexual Assault

If you are a victim of a sexual assault at this institution, your first priority should be to get to a place of safety. You should then obtain necessary medical treatment. The OSU-Cascades Department of Public Safety and the City of Bend Police Department strongly advocate that a victim of sexual assault reports the incident in a timely manner. Time is a critical factor for evidence collection and preservation. An assault may be reported directly to an OSU-Cascades Department of Public Safety Officer, a City of Bend Police Officer, and/or you may also choose to report to a university designated Campus Security Authority. Filing a police report will not obligate the victim to prosecute, nor will it subject the victim to scrutiny or judgmental opinions from officers.

Filing a police report will:

Ensure that a victim of sexual assault receives the necessary medical treatment and tests, at no expense to the victim.

Provide the opportunity for collection of evidence helpful in prosecution, which cannot be obtained later (ideally a victim of sexual assault should not wash, douche, use the toilet, or change clothing prior to a medical/legal exam).

Assure the victim has access to free confidential advocacy and counseling from professionals specifically trained in the area of sexual assault crisis intervention.

When a sexual assault victim contacts the City of Bend Police Department, the victim of a sexual assault may choose for the investigation to be pursued through the criminal justice system.

The police officer will guide the victim through the available options and support the victim in his or her decision.

Additionally, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs may consult with the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards or the university’s Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity to pursue university disciplinary actions against the offender. Student victims also have the option to change their academic situation after an alleged sexual assault if requested by the victim and if these changes are reasonably available.

Support and Advocacy for Survivors/Victims of Sexual Assault

Support is available for survivors of sexual assault, whether or not a survivor decides to report to law enforcement or the university.  Survivors may contact local resources at www.saving-grace.org or 24 hour hotline at (541) 389-7021 and for outside of Bend toll free 1-888-504-8992 for sexual assault survivor counseling and support.

Personal Counseling Services are available on-campus by appointment at (541) 322-3162. Counseling for faculty and staff is available through the Employee Assistance Program.

Medical Services for Survivors/Victims of Sexual Assault

A survivor may also receive comprehensive medical services for sexual assault WITHOUT reporting to the Police or the University. Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence exams are available at local hospital Emergency Departments.

A survivor may request for evidence to be collected ANONYMOUSLY using a SAFE kit from local hospital, and may later decide to make a formal report to law enforcement.

Financial assistance is available to cover the expenses for the SAFE exam.

Sanctions for Sexual Offenses

OSU’s registration handbook provides: Rape, sexual assault, or unwanted sexual contact of any kind, and the threat of such contact, are prohibited, as is any physical abuse. Sexual contact shall be considered "unwanted" or without consent if no clear consent is freely given; if inflicted through force, threat of force, or coercion; or if inflicted upon a person who is unconscious or otherwise without the physical or mental capacity to consent. If sexual contact is inflicted on someone who is intoxicated or impaired in the exercise of their judgment by alcohol or drugs, it may be considered without consent.

Both the victim and accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during a disciplinary proceeding. Upon written request, the victim will be informed of the outcome of the hearing. A student found responsible for violating the University sexual misconduct policy could be criminally prosecuted in the state courts and may be suspended or expelled from the University for any offense. Please see for a list of additional potential sanctions.

Never Take Chances With Your Health & Safety!

Campus Emergency Dial

OSU-Cascades Department of Public Safety 24/7: 541-322-3110 or 911

Off-Campus Emergency Dial 911

Sanctions for Violations of Oregon Administrative Rules Pertaining to Student Conduct



Students whose behavior violates any of the student conduct regulations in OAR 576-015-0015 or 576-015-0020 are subject to one or more of the following:

(1) Warning: Official notice to a student that his or her conduct or actions are in violation of the student conduct regulations. The continuation of such conduct or actions may result in further disciplinary action.

(2) Required Educational Activities: Mandatory participation in educational activities or programs of community service.

(3) Restitution: Reimbursement by dollar amount, by transfer of property, or by provision of services to the university or a member of the university community in accordance with the nature of the violation and in an amount not in excess of actual expenses, damages, or losses incurred.

(4) Restrictions: Removal from a living group, or from the use of specific university facilities, or denial of the use of a vehicle on campus, or other restrictions consistent with the violation committed.

(5) Disciplinary Probation: Placement on probationary status during which there is observation and review of behavior and the student must demonstrate compliance with the student conduct regulations.

A student on probation is not in "good standing" with the university. Terms of the probation will be determined at the time the probation is imposed and may include loss of privileges, restitution, and/or required educational activities.

(6) Disciplinary Suspension:

(a) Deferred Suspension: Placement on deferred suspension status during which there is observation and review of behavior. If the student is found to further violate university regulations during this period then the student is suspended without further hearings. Deferred suspension may be for a period

of one term up to and including the remainder of a student's enrollment at the university;

(b) Suspension:

(A) Exclusion from the university for a specific period of time. Suspended students are denied the privileges and services provided to currently enrolled students, including residing in university-owned or recognized student housing, attending class, or using other University services or facilities. Suspension is generally for one year; however, the period of suspension may be specified for any period;

(B) The conditions of suspension take effect immediately after the student has been informed of the decision. If an appeal is filed, the imposition of the suspension will be delayed until the conclusion of the appeal process. However, if a pending disciplinary hearing or appeal may result in suspension, as determined by the Student Conduct Program, awarding of the academic degree sought will be postponed pending the outcome of the disciplinary hearing.

(7) Expulsion: Permanent Suspension (see section (6) of this rule).

(8) Degree Revocation.

(9) Students whose behavior violates OAR 576-015-0020(1) (academic dishonesty) are subject to additional academic sanctions, including failing the course, removal from an academic department, and removal from a college, that may be imposed by the instructor, department chair or dean in accordance with Academic Regulation 15, available in the Schedule of Classes.

[Publications: The publication(s) referenced in this rule is available from the agency.]

Stat. Auth.: ORS 351.070

Stats. Implemented: ORS 351.070