Cascades Adventures General Policies and Procedures

Program Philosophy - Challenge by Choice

Project Adventure developed the philosophy of Challenge by Choice. Challenge by Choice gives each participant a chance to establish the level of challenge they want to face while participating.  Challenge by Choice encourages participants to try new things in a supportive and caring environment. 

The activities offered through Cascades Adventures possess inherent risks that can not be eliminated, except to severely alter the essence of the outing. Trip leaders are skilled, experienced, and trained to manage the potential for risks, but are not able to fully eliminate all potential for risk.

If participants become uncomfortable with the challenge they are faced with, they have the option to stop or to choose a different level of challenge.  All participants should understand this and respect one another’s choices.  Trip Instructors should try and recognize participants’ comfort levels and both challenge and support them in their choices. Trip leaders, in their trip plans, will address the appropriate experience level necessary for participation. Participants are expected to honestly evaluate their skills and level of experience when signing up for outings. Trip leaders and the Cascades Adventures coordinator will be available to discuss questions with participants.

Full Value Contract

Everyone, including his or her opinions and actions, needs to be valued and respected by the others in the group.  Part of this includes behaving in a manner that does not compromise another person’s beliefs or values or their ability to express those. Trip leaders are trained and experienced in facilitating appropriate discussions, feedback, and instruction in relation to group dynamics and interpersonal relations. The Full Value Contract is utilized to assure cohesive and inclusive experiences.

Pre-Trip Meetings

Cascades Adventures trips require a pre-trip meeting which usually occurs approximately a week prior to the trip.  The purpose of these meetings is to discuss trip logistics, planning, equipment, risk management, curriculum, lessons,  and other important information that will help make the trip a success.  The meeting is mandatory.  If for some reason a student is unable to attend, s/he must contact the Cascades Adventures program (trip leader and program coordinator) as soon as possible to discuss other options.

Trip Departure

Trips will begin and end at Cascades Hall on the COCC/ OSU-Cascades campus.  Any other arrangements must be made with trip leader consent and program coordinator's permission


OSU-Cascades and Cascades Adventures do not provide food for trips.  Therefore, students are responsible for their own food during Cascades Adventures trips.  Trip leaders are encouraged to and generally try to arrange group meals for trips at the pre-trip meetings.


Trip leaders may cancel a trip/outing at any point prior to the start/meeting time. The Cascades Adventures coordinator reserves the right to cancel any trip for reasons including but not exclusive to weather, lack of appropriate gear, and low group numbers. Participants will be notified as soon as possible by the trip leader or Cascades Adventures coordinator by email and/or phone. Outings may be cancelled as late as the start/meeting time.


Students who participate in Cascades Adventures trips do so at their own risk.  Insurance is not provided.  General student or personal insurance is recommended. 

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The use of either illegal drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited on all Cascades Adventures trips. Participants on international trips, conferences, and any event which does not entail the constant immersion in an activity may partake in the customary practices of social activities, as long as no participant is engaged in an activity. 

Alcohol and/or illegal substances discovered will result in the loss of future program participation priviledge.  Trip leaders have the right to dispose of prohibited substances (eg. alcohol) if the student signed a waiver at the pre-trip meeting agreeing to be substance free.  Trip instructors should never hold anything that is illegal or that could put them, Cascades Adventures, OSU-Cascades, or COCC in a compromising situation (ie. confiscating illegal drugs).  If a problem arises that cannot be resolved the trip leader should cancel the outing and return to campus.

Important Participant Policies

  • No drugs or alcohol are permitted on Cascades Adventures outings unless otherwise specified. (Please refer to Drug and Alcohol Policy section above.)
  • Students and trip instructors are representatives of OSU-Cascades and will conduct themselves in an appropriate and courteous manner.
  • The nature of Cascades Adventures trips requires individuals to be sensitive and respectful of the diversity of the other students on the trip.  As a result, students are asked to conduct themselves in a manner that is courteous and considerate of others.  Behavior that is deemed offensive or intrusive will not be permitted.
  • Students whose behaviors compromise the safety and comfort of other students may be denied the privilege of future Cascades Adventures trips.