InterviewStreamis an online video-based practice interviewing system specifically created for college students and alumni. It allows you to practice your interview skills anywhere, 24/7, and provides over 1500 common and major-based interview questions to choose from as well as videos from interview coaches. All it takes is a computer and a webcam. Career Services has a loaner webcam available if you do not have access to one.

Printable PDF of InterviewStream Instructions

STEP 1: Sign-in

  1. Go to the InterviewStream website
  2. If you are a returning user, just enter your email and password in the upper right-hand corner
  3. If you are a new user, click "Register” to create an account (it will only take your ONID email address)
  4. Dill in your contact and login information and click "Register"

STEP 2: Get Ready for an Interview

  1. Click on “Conduct Interview”
  2. Click on “Created for Me” for basic interview questions that the system selects or click on "Custom" to select your own interview questions form a wide variety of career fields and topics. 
  3. If you select to have the interview created for you, click on "Start This Interview" over the interview that best suits your needs
  4. If you customize your interview, once you have chosen your questions click "Start my Interview"
  5. You will need to allow the system to access your camera and microphone, select the camera that you plan to use, and test the microphone (the volume level needs to be above the red bar for quality recording) NOTE: Career Services has a loaner webcam that is avaialbe to students: Logitech Webcam 500
  6. Click on “Next”, then click on “Proceed to My Interview”

STEP 3: Conduct an Interview

  1. There will be an “Introduction” screen and brief video
  2. The interviewer will then ask you a question. After 3 seconds the webcam will start recording your answer. You won’t see yourself recording your answer and will be allotted 2 minutes to answer each question.
  3. Look into the camera so you will see yourself as the employer would see you. You may need to move your chair back so the camera can capture your body posture; how you’re sitting in the chair, along with your facial response. Click anywhere in the window to end the recording.
  4. Click “Review” to review your interview, “Retry” to retry the same question, or “Continue” to move to the next question. 
  5. Click on “View Interview" to watch your interview, “Home” to return to the dashboard, or “Logout” to logout of the site NOTE: When you finish your interview, you will receive an email confirmation 

STEP 4: Review Your Interview

  1. Go to the home page where you logged on and click on “Watch My Interview”
  2. Click on each question to see the response. Record filler words using the “Umm”, “Like”, “I Mean”, “You Know” calculator at the bottom of the video window
  3. Assess your non-verbal and verbal communication and other interview skills at the bottom of the page

STEP 5: Email Interviews to Career Services, Professors, and Friends for Review and Feedback

  1. Go to “Watch Interview” and click on “Share” below the video. Enter the email address, your message, and click "Send"
    NOTE: Once you email your interview to someone, Career Services no longer has control of who reviews it
  2. Schedule an appointment with Career services to review your interview and receive feedback

Technology Support

If you are having trouble accessing InterviewStream, contact support or the Career Development Center