Explore Prepare Pursue

Learn about yourself through self-discovery

Research major & minor options

Take a variety of courses

Get involved in on-campus activities

Start a professional resume

Attend the following workshops:
- Exploring and Deciding on a Major
- Resume Development

Get to know your Academic Advisor

Talk to Faculty & students in majors of interest

Meet with a career counselor to discuss majors & develop a resume


Explore Prepare Pursue
Take the Strong Interest Inventory to identify majors & careers that match your interests

Research different career paths with What Can I Do With My Degree resources

Explore opportunities to study abroad

Volunteer in the local community and stay involved on campus

Update your resume & create a LinkedIn profile

Attend the following workshops:
- Navigating Career Opportunities
- Creating a LinkedIn Profile

Conduct informational interviews and shadow professionals in fields of interest

Talk with Faculty about common career paths for particular majors

Meet with a career counselor to discuss possible career paths and develop your LinkedIn profile


Explore Prepare Pursue
Take the MBTI to learn about your personality & related work environments

Assess your top strengths and values as they relate to your career choices

Explore graduate school as an option and necessary steps for application

Identify your personal brand and alter social media and other profiles to fit

Pursue a leadership role on-campus

Tailor your resume and LinkedIn profile to the field you are interested in

Practice interviewing skills using InterviewStream

Attend the following workshops:
- Searching for Internships
- Interviewing

Pursue internship, co-op, and research opportunities

Build a network of professionals in your field of interest

Attend Career Fairs on campus and in Corvallis

Meet with a career counselor to discuss internship search strategies and review your application materials


Explore Prepare Pursue
Compile your strengths, values, interests and personality to refer to as you apply for jobs

Explore geographic areas where you would like to work and live

Research job outlook and salary information to better understand how to evaluate and negotiate job offers

Investigate online job search resources

Hold a leadership role on campus or in the local community

Perfect your resume and consider creating a portfolio of your work

Perform a mock interview with a career counselor to enhance interviewing skills

Attend the following workshops:
- Networking & Job Search Strategies
- Graduate School Preparation

Activate and grow your network to learn about potential job opportunities

Complete and submit applications for jobs/graduate school

Attend Career Fairs on campus and in Corvallis

Meet with a career counselor to review your job and/or graduate school applications