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 In the same amount of time it takes to ride the chair from base to summit, you will learn and gain advice from industry professionals on how to give your career a lift.
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In this new series, Kim Vierra, Program Manager for the College of Business, sits down and gathers insight from OSU-Cascade's business interns and alumni.
Episode 1: Gather Nuts and Yarrow Creative

Listen in as recent grad Denali Emmons shares her experience working in the gig economy. She is currently wearing two hats: one in marketing and operations at a start-up, Gather Nuts, and the other as a marketer at a local agency, Yarrow Creative.  Denali shares some key advice: it is important to be open to tasks that are above and below the duties that you are responsible for.

Episode 2: Onboard Dynamics Internship

In this episode, listen to current student Mitch Jacobs share details of his internship. Mitch is at Onboard Dynamics, a company that grew out of technology created here at OSU-Cascades.  Mitch shares how lessons learned in trail running apply to his internship and he shares details about how he landed this cool opportunity.

Episode 3: Brewed Awakenings Coffee Roaster

Could you, would you, should you work for a family business? Chase Gunderson, current Senior at OSU-Cascades, says yes! Chase explains what it is like to work at Brewed Awakenings Coffee Roasters, a family-owned business started by his dad in 1989.

Episode 4: Construction

If you have recently tried to schedule any general contracting work, you know how busy our Central Oregon construction companies are. Listen in as McKenzie Walsworth, a Junior at OSU-Cascades, shares her experience of working for her family’s construction company.

Episode 5: GSI

Listen in as recent graduate Nolan Killgore shares his experience of the power of building a lateral network and learn about one of Bend’s most interesting companies, GSI.

Episode 6: Premiere Aesthetics Institute

In this episode, current student Chloe Woodward shares how she’s combining her passion for cosmetology and marketing as an educator and marketing lead at Premiere Aesthetics Institute.  

Episode 7: Bob's Red Mill

Listen in as Cheyenne Bench, recent OSU-Cascades graduate, discusses her new role at Bob's Red Mill and how her internship with LAM Research helped her to gain skills and land this job. 

Episode 8: Keep the Stoke Alive - Entrepreneurship 

Michael Boles, one of our entrepreneurial students, shares his early-stage start-up experience with us. Listen in as we talk about base jumping, career risk-taking, relationship building, and, most importantly, how to Keep the Stoke Alive. 

Episode 9: Humm Kombucha

Nick Dally, a current College of Business student, shares how he advocated for himself in the workplace and ended up with a great skill-building opportunity with his employer, Humm Kombucha.

Episode 10: EDCO

Are you a current student interested in landing an internship? Listen in as Cameron Burns, EDCO intern and current student, talks about his internship experience and how he landed this cool opportunity.

Are you looking for a job?! Our Back-to-School Job Fair series features conversations with employers around Central OR that have current or upcoming positions available for 2020-21! See episode show notes for direct links to positions and follow up contact information. 
Episode 1: On-Campus Videographer for Todd Montgomery

In this episode, we chat with Todd Montgomery who is hiring a student videographer to film and edit field interviews as well as work on current and new projects. Examples of projects include collaboration with Visit Bend filmed on the river and Tetherow filmed on a golf course. 

Todd is looking for a student who is a self-starter and not afraid to come up with ideas. There's a weekly check-point and the hours are flexible based on one's availability. 

This position is open to any student with a creative mind who is conscientious and open to learning or putting their video filming and editing experience to use! View the job posting and apply here, or email Todd Montgomery at Todd.Montgomery@osucascades.edu

Episode 2: Hydroflask

In this episode, I speak with Tripp Sickler, Director of Sales, International (Asia Pacific and Latin America). He shares about how he ended up at Hydroflask, how the company was born. 

Tripp shares some history about the company, his advice and insight for a successful job search, and the culture and environment that makes Hydroflask such a great place to work! 

If you're interested in staying updated on open positions at Hydroflask, make sure to regularly check the Helen of Troy Career Site.

Episode 3: Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon

In this episode, we chat with Ellyn Waler, the HR Director at the Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon. Ellyn shares some background and history of the Opportunity Foundation of Central OR, the services they provide, and what they look for when hiring.

Currently, the Opportunity Foundation of Central OR is hiring for Direct Support Professional positions. These positions vary in type of work, but are flexible and work well with academic schedules. You can learn more and apply for these positions on Handshake or by directly visiting their website.

If you have any further questions, you can contact the HR department by calling 541-526-5565, emailing Ellyn at ewaler@opportunityfound.org, or by emailing info@opportunityfound.org

Episode 4: Consumer Cellular 

In this episode, we chat with Morgan James, Recruiter with Consumer Cellular in Central Oregon.

Morgan shares some background on the company, what positions are available, and how students can stand out in the application process. This includes the Customer Account Advisor, an entry-level position with lots of growth opportunities within the company. 

You can learn more and apply for this position here or by visiting the main Consumer Cellular website. If you have any additional questions you can contact the Recruiting Team at jobsrdm@consumercellular.com or by calling Morgan directly at 541-639-8630.

Episode 5: On-Campus Innovation Co-Lab Student Consultant (Tech Assistant)

In this episode, we speak with Adam Krynicki, Executive Director of the OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab, about the Student Consultant (Co-Lab Tech Assistant) position.

Adam talks about the purpose of the Innovation Co-Lab, how students are involved in that effort through consultant-type work, the career readiness skills integrated into these positions, and what he looks for when hiring students. 

If you're interested in this position, you can view the job posting and apply here, or email Adam Krynicki at adam.krynicki@osucascades.edu.  

Episode 6: Bethlehem Inn

In this episode, we chat with Tara Feurtado, the Program Manager at Bethlehem Inn, an emergency homeless shelter for adults and families.

Tara first shares about Bethlehem Inn's mission and service to the community and their recent, exciting expansion. Then we talk about current and future positions that are available at the organization and what kind of candidates they look for. 

If you're interested in the overnight position or have additional questions, you can reach out to Tara directly by emailing tara@bethleheminn.org

Episode 7: Bend Park and Recreation District

In this episode, we speak with Natalie Broadus-Beard, the HR Specialist at the Bend Park and Recreation District. 

Natalie informs us about the current openings available, including positions within all-day child care programs, swim instructors, and lifeguards. Natalie also shares insight into the hiring process and how to make yourself stand out in an application.

If you're interested in any of these positions or want to learn more, you check out the Bend Park and Recreation District website, or contact Natalie directly by emailing NatalieB@bendparksandrec.org. 

Episode 8: Express Employment Professionals of Central Oregon

In this episode, we chat with Stephanie Miller, Franchise Owner in Central Oregon of Express Employment Professionals. 

She shares more about how they work as a staffing agency, what types of positions are available, and how a student can utilize Express Employment Professionals as a resource for finding work or internship opportunities, including the mentioned Job Genius webpage.

If you're interested in learning more, you can visit their website or call the office at 541-389-1505.

Episode 9: On-Campus TOUR Ambassador

In this episode, we chat with Emily Ford, Admissions Advisor at OSU-Cascades, about the TOUR Ambassador program and position.

Emily shares some background on the work of the Office of Admissions and how the TOUR Ambassador team contributes to growing enrollment at OSU-Cascades. This student leadership position allows students to gain a variety of different skills, including public speaking, administration, customer service, etc. 

If you're interested in learning more or applying, you can view the position here. For any additional questions, you can email Emily at Emily.McDonald@osucascades.edu

Episode 10: Thermo Fisher Scientific

In this episode, we speak with Derek Koops, General Manager of the Bend, OR Thermo Fisher site, and Annie Muske-Dukes, Early Development Scientist III.

Derek and Annie share some general information on Thermo Fisher Scientific and the site here in Bend, OR, as well as the internship options available for 2021 that span a variety of different departments including Health and Safety, Project Management, Method Development, Early Development, or Formulation and Process Development. We also speak about how to apply and make yourself stand out in the competitive application process.

If you're interested in applying for any of these internships you can visit the Thermo Fisher Scientific site or via Handshake. If you have any additional questions, you can contact the HR Coordinator, Cheyenne Hall, at 541-318-7115 or by email at cheyenne.sproat@thermofisher.com

Special Feature: Jones & Roth

If you're interested in learning more about the exciting internship opportunities offered at Jones & Roth, see this video for a general overview and this video for specific information on the summer internships. You can view the position description and apply for the internship on Handshake

Deciding on and declaring a major is an important part of the college experience, and does not come easy for most. In fact, 3 in 4 students change their major at some point in their college career. To help you through this process, our team will sit down with faculty and students to give you an inside look at each program offered at OSU-Cascades.
Episode 1: Tourism, Recreation & Adventure Leadership with Instructor Andrew Hawley

We are joined by Andrew Hawley, Professor of Tourism, Recreation, and Adventure Leadership at OSU-Cascades. He speaks about what the tourism industry looks like amidst the pandemic, and his take on what it will look like in Central OR this summer. Andrew encourages those in the industry to use this time to diversify their skillsets and find fulfillment in exploring personal passions and pursuits. We also chat about the need to shift the industry's current white-centric paradigm, and how organizations and programs can create space for marginalized populations. As Andrew brilliantly states, "(It's) time to make a change and in doing this you will find work. There is work to be done." We hope you enjoy this conversation and get some fun recommendations on where to explore in Central OR this summer!

Episode 2: Human Development & Family Science with Senior Instructor Dennis Lynn and Thelma Pruett

In this episode, we hear from Dennis Lynn, senior Instructor of Human Development and Family Services and 3rd-year HDFS student, Thelma Pruett. The HDFS program at OSU-Cascades incorporates a unique blend of compassion and critical thinking, encouraging students to lead with love and open hearts that are willing to learn and listen, in balance with the best thinking they can bring to it. 

Dennis shares about the program's emphasis on understanding one's self through self-reflection - what are the things that you're drawn to, what fits you, what doesn't - and using those to find how to make the greatest difference in the world. As Dennis brilliantly summarizes, "Know yourself, serve your family, then let it ripple out in amazing ways."

Thelma talks about what experiences she has had that's led her to the passion she found within human services. "What do you like to do, what makes you happy, what interests you, volunteer in different places and know your decisions will lead you to what you want to do...Finding that what you don't like to do is as important as what you like to do. So being mindful, paying attention to yourself and your own experiences, it will lead you to success." The HDFS program has ultimately helped her have a better understanding of society in general and all the challenges that we as human beings go through in life. 

Episode 3: Energy Systems Engineering & Engineering Science with Senior Instructor Dr. Rebecca Webb & Alex Ackerman

In this episode, we speak with Senior Instructor and Program Lead for the Energy Systems Engineering (ESE) and Engineering Science programs, Dr. Rebecca Webb, as well as senior ESE major, Alex Ackerman. 

Dr. Webb shares that her hope for students in both programs is that, "...they leave with a set of very strong tools that will set them up to do whatever it is they want to do in the engineering field. So I want them to be ready to hit the ground running and do something meaningful from day one."

Alex talks about his experience in the ESE program, and how he feels the program has provided a variety of options and equipped him to learn the tools he'll need wherever he goes. 

We also briefly talk about the new Engineering Science program starting this Fall at OSU-Cascades. Dr. Webb states, "It is a program that's designed to provide students with the skills they need to be an engineer...What that means is that the students would be prepared to go into any field and make a contribution...because they'd have the base-level skills they needed to take on a wide variety of tasks."

Check out this video showcasing the Energy Systems Engineering degree to learn more! 

Episode 4: Kinesiology & DPT with Clinical Assistant Professor and Education Coordinator, Lisa Flexner & Montana Kaiyala

In this episode, we learn more about OSU-Cascade's Kinesiology and Doctorate of Physical Therapy programs from Clinical Assistant Professor and Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education, Dr. Lisa Flexner, and upcoming Kinesiology graduate, Montana Kaiyala.

Dr. Flexner talks about the importance of exploration and shares that she hopes students in the Kinesiology program gain, "... that curiosity, that willingness to explore and excitement to explore the human body and human movement and how that affects our communities...I hope that students see not just a career path, but a way that they can influence the world because I think that...if we understand humans well... then we can be the leaders in helping develop the communities we want to live in as well as being great kinesiologists, health care providers, physical education teachers, coaches, nurses - whatever pathway you move forward in, that understanding of the human is going to help you."

Montana speaks to her personal experience at OSU-Cascades and how the Kinesiology program has helped her career goals by, "... networking during undergrad and finding opportunities and taking opportunities when they come my way."

Dr. Flexner reminds us that every degree program can provide a student with a variety of transferrable skills, and Kinesiology is no different. "[There are] so many different pathways that you can be in. This is going to teach you skills that you can transfer to any different career you want. And that is exciting because you can study something you love, and you just have to make the case for why you're still the best person for the job because....you can say, I know humans! I know human psychology and I know human movement...and if we're going to work together, we're working with humans."

Episode 5: Elementary Education & Masters of Arts in Teaching with Senior Instructor, Dr. Rachael Schuetz and recent MAT graduate, Tommy Brown:

In this episode, we chat with Senior Instructor for the Masters of Arts in Teaching and Elementary Cohort Lead, Dr. Rachael Schuetz and recent MAT graduate, Tommy Brown. 

Rachael shares about how she ended up falling in love with teaching through the Cadet Teaching Program, which is also how Tommy started exploring a potential career in teaching as well. When Rachael worked on developing the Elementary Education program, she focused on making as many experiences as hands-on and field-based in elementary schools. "You do spend time in a university classroom learning the theory, learning the best practices, but we then move our classes into the schools."

Tommy also talks about his decision to stay in his hometown of Bend to pursue his undergraduate degree at OSU-Cascades, followed by his decision to continue with the MAT program. A huge advantage for him throughout his education was the community partnerships, especially with the Bend-La Pine School District.

Tommy's advice for students still exploring is founded in the Howard Thurman quote: “Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” We couldn't agree more! 

Episode 6: Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences with Associate Professor, Dr. Ron Reuter, and two NR students Sam Bango and Laura Mcwhorter:

In this episode, we talk to Associate Professor of Natural Resources, Dr. Ron Reuter, and two senior-level NR students, Sam Bango and Laura Mcwhorter.

Ron talks about how he got started in the industry after falling in love with a soils class and the time he almost blew up a laboratory in grad school. Ultimately his path in graduate school revealed his love for Natural Resources and for teaching students. His decision to come to OSU-Cascades in 2003 follows the advice he encourages students to follow which is to, "...jump on those opportunities when they come forward...We try and second guess ourselves a lot but sometimes the opportunities come along and you take it." Ron also speaks about the differences between Natural Resources and our newer Environmental Sciences program.

Sam shares how she started out traveling after high school without the intention to go back to school but started to feel the impact of human treatment on the environment which led her to want to be a part of the change. In her advice to other students still exploring, Sam states, "I don't think you're going to find your perfect career, your perfect degree, in a classroom...I think that taking time to reflect and travel or explore whatever that means to you and just take time away figuring out who you are and what makes you tick."

Laura talks about her journey to Natural Resources through her fascination and endless curiosity with the natural world. Her time in Natural Resources has given her not only a strong foundation but has also kept her interested in showcasing the variety of different pathways and career options within the industry. Again, Laura talks about the importance of the advice she once received encouraging her to take as many opportunities to be out in the field and experience different options.

This experiential learning emphasis is what makes both Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at OSU-Cascades stand out!

Episode 7: Outdoor Products with Executive Director in Residence, Geoff Raynak, and two OP students Daniel Rogers and Will Kramer:

In this episode, we speak with Executive Director in Residence for the Outdoor Products degree, Geoff Raynak, and two Outdoor Products students, Daniel Rogers and Will Kramer.

Geoff shares more about the development of the newer program. "When you think about a career in Outdoor Products, it runs the entire spectrum of career options. You could be on the marketing side, you could be a designer who picks the specific materials, you could be a developer who helps decide where things get made, you could be in sales, you could be an entrepreneur and need to know about every single step of that process...What I expect and hope the students will graduate with is an understanding of all of those things so that they can then find their passion within outdoor products that they are excited about and that they want to start their career with."

Daniel shares his journey from Energy Systems Engineering to now studying Outdoor Products, and Will echoes that story in sharing of exploring three different major tracks and being open to switching programs as there is no shame in changing your mind.  As Geoff states, "Find a major that's maybe not exactly right, find another one that maybe is a little bit closer and then land on something that really resonates with you as a person."

Episode 8: Art and Arts, Media and Technology with Senior Instructor and Program Lead, Kiel Fletcher, and senior student Kate Kolb:

In this episode, we hear from Senior Instructor and Program Lead for Art and Arts, Media and Technology, Kiel Fletcher, and senior student Kate Kolb.

Kate shares that she chose the AMT program because it has a variety of different classes you can take to help you narrow down which medium of art you enjoy most. 

Kiel states that he hopes students gain, "...the ability to move into a creative field using a skill set that they may have picked up on the way. Whether or not they know what that field is while they're at Cascades is less important..."

He shares that through his undergraduate program as a media arts degree, he had a lot of skill sets but didn't know how to apply them. When designing the AMT program, it was important that he developed a curriculum that would help students build awareness of the options and ways they can apply their skill sets.  "If you're able to apply creative thinking to really any job environment, you've got a leg up on a lot of your co-workers...The AMT program is designed with job skill sets in mind." 

Kiel ends by sharing advice for students to, "Just [be] open to new experiences and learning moments that you may or may not recognize at the time. They'll all help you down the road." We couldn't agree more!

Episode 9: Business Administration with Student Engagement Program Manager, Kim Vierra, and senior student Megan Bolt:

In this episode, we chat with Student Engagement Program Manager in the College of Business, Kim Vierra, and senior BA student Megan Bolt.

Megan changed her major a couple of times and ended up in Business because she always had a dream of starting a business and knew the degree would offer her a variety of practical skills to get there!

Kim agrees and says, "Getting a degree in Business is a great way to develop transferrable skills for a wide variety of jobs in a wide variety of industries...Our goal is that students leave poised to do what they want to do." 

You'll hear why our Business Administration degree has the "secret sauce" to offer a life-altering experience for students.

We are so excited to start our Senior Spotlight Series with you! While we are disheartened that we won't be able to celebrate in person this June, we wanted to take some time to feature some recent and upcoming graduates in the Class of 2020! 


Episode 1: Class of 2020, Cecilia Ledford

We are so excited to start our Senior Spotlight Series with you! While we are disheartened that we won't be able to celebrate in person this June, we wanted to take some time to feature some recent and upcoming graduates in the Class of 2020! 

In this episode, we chat with Cecilia Ledford, a Post-Baccalaureate student graduating with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology. Cecilia shares about the process she went through in changing her career path from the hospitality industry to seeking a degree in Kinesiology, how she's passionate about creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all within fitness, and how she plans to celebrate her accomplishments. Cecilia, we are so inspired by your passion and joy and cannot wait to see how you change this world for the better!


Episode 2: Class of 2020, Alex Wilson

Even while working full-time throughout her program, Alex is graduating this year with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. What a huge accomplishment! She shares about her next adventure pursuing a Masters in Social Work through Portland State University in hopes to work with families of children with disabilities. Alex's piece of advice for current students is to do your assignments on time and don't procrastinate! Alex, we are so proud of your accomplishments and are inspired by your powerful story! Thank you for sharing it with us!


Episode 3: Class of 2020, Summit Kuehn

One of the first to obtain a college degree in her family, Summit Kuehn is graduating this year with a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art. She is excited to pursue a career in the body modification industry, and might teach college level art down the road as well. Summit's advice for current students is to be yourself and try new things. And don't hesitate to reach out for help when you need it! We couldn't agree more. Congratulations Summit, we are so proud of all your accomplishments!


Episode 4: Class of 2020, James Bartley

Congratulations to James Bartley, a Business Administration graduate of 2020! James is excited to pursue a career in sports management, and is making great connections in his current internship with the eSports organization, North American Collegiate Counter Strike. James's leadership and influence on this campus will be greatly missed, as he helped with the formation of many clubs including the Business Club, Rotaract Club, and E-Sports club. His advice to current students is to do everything with conviction and confidence, and plan for the future, live in the present, and look to the past for guidance. Amazing insight, James! We are so proud of all your accomplishments and wish you the best in your next adventure!


Episode 5: Class of 2020, West Lambert

In this episode, we speak with recent Natural Resources graduate, West Lambert, who shares about his next adventure and the steps that led him to this great accomplishment.

West also shares his tips and tricks that he learned through his process of applying to federal positions:

Unless it is a graduate pathways position, you must have either relevant experience (be a range intern not soil con according to them) OR actually have your degree by the closing date of the job posting (not within two months as I’ve been told in the past).

Always keep every syllabus for each course you take or some form of paperwork that describes what you did. This becomes especially important for courses that do not have a specific course description online. Ex: internships, field tours, projects, etc.

Keep a standing record (spreadsheet) of your coursework including what category it falls under and the term/semester conversion.

Make sure your resume and transcripts are up to date and any relevant jobs/internships match WORD FOR WORD the qualifications they are looking for. Make sure your graduation date is on something. If the course doesn't specifically say "range" (not shrub lands, grasslands, wild lands) in the title or in the course description online ATTACH THE SYLLABUS.

DO NOT GIVE UP. If you feel that you have been wrongly disqualified, ask why! And then ask for a second opinion (for it to be escalated). I have been through 7 HR people! All but the last one told me I wasn't qualified.

Thanks for sharing your advice, West! And congratulations on obtaining the Rangeland Management Specialist position with the Natural Resource Conservation in Pendleton, OR! Best wishes to you in this next chapter! 

Episode 6: Class of 2020, Daphne Lara

In this final episode of our Senior Spotlight series, we chat with Daphne Lara, Business Administration graduate of 2020. Daphne shares about the experiences that led to majoring in Business, her time as a student employee for the Admissions office as well as an intern in the Innovation Co-Lab, and her recent accomplishment of getting into the OSU Master's in Business Administration graduate program. She advises current students to keep trying and remember to take it easy and be forgiving towards yourself when things don't go as planned, and to celebrate all accomplishments along the way. And the more Disney involved, the better. Daphne, we are so proud of all that you have accomplished and are so excited to see where this next chapter of life takes you! Congratulations! 

Has COVID-19 impacted your career advancement? Listen in as we have discussions with the Oregon Employment Department, staffing agencies, faculty leaders, and alumni of 2008/2009's Great Recession to learn ways you can continue making steps forward during this uncertain time. 
Episode 1: Insight from the Employment Department 

We take a deeper look into the state of Central Oregon's economic reality during this interview with Workforce Analyst, Kale Donnelly. Kale joins us from the State of Oregon Employment Department to share some insight as well as his advice and recommendations for those entering the workforce during these unprecedented times. To learn more about the resources Kale mentions in this episode, visit https://www.qualityinfo.org/.


Episode 2: Updates and Hot Takes

As we all have quickly transitioned into life during a pandemic, we wanted to share what we've been working on in the Career Development Center to help through this time, including resources like our recent Live Chat feature, Graduate Guide for our recent and upcoming graduates, Who's Currently Hiring page, and more. We end the episode with a new segment we like to call: Hot Takes! Today we share what we're binging on Netflix, what we're reading, and more! 


Episode 3: Utilizing Staffing Agencies in Your Job Search (Part 1)

Part 1 of 2: In this episode, we chat with OSU-Cascades alum and friend David Haines, who now works as a Staffing Consultant at PrideStaff in Bend. David shares about the experiences during his time at OSU-Cascades that added value to his career path, and how he ended up in his current role at PrideStaff. He also speaks generally about what a staffing agency does, and how students can use staffing agencies like PrideStaff throughout their job search.


Episode 4: Utilizing Staffing Agencies in Your Job Search (Part 2)

Part 2 of 2: In this episode, we chat with Rob Ramaker, Business Development Manager at Express Employment Professionals of Central Oregon. Rob shares the benefits of utilizing Express Employment Professionals as a free resource throughout one's job search. This is a huge opportunity for students who are interested in getting connected with local openings and tapping into the large number of employer connections that a staffing agency is able to provide. Rob also mentions the career development resources available on their website, including the Job Genius platform.


Episode 5: Graduating During a Recession: Advice from Alumni (Part 1)

This week we hear from those who graduated during the Great Recession to provide solace and advice for recent and upcoming graduates as they enter the workforce into the Great Lockdown. 

In this episode, we sit down with Damon Runberg who currently works as a Regional Economist for the State of Oregon Employment Department. He shares about his experience graduating in 2009 and what life looked like throughout and after his senior year.


Episode 6: Graduating During a Recession: Advice from Alumni (Part 2)

This week we hear from those who graduated during the Great Recession to provide solace and advice for recent and upcoming graduates as they enter the workforce into the Great Lockdown.

In this episode, we sit down with John Dempsey who currently works as a Digital Strategist and Partner at RoadTrip, a brand marketing agency in Bend. He shares about his experience graduating in 2008 from OSU-Corvallis and what life looked like throughout and after his senior year. John shares the importance and edge that a recent graduate has when entering the workforce due to their fresh perspective and knowledge of the current culture. "Somebody who's a fresh graduate has a finger on the pulse of culture in a way that many other people don't."

If you a recent or upcoming graduate, or even if you still have a year or 2 to go, we hope you found this series encouraging and reassuring. Like John mentions at the end, you will be okay!


Episode 7: Professor Pop-In with Todd Montgomery

In this episode, we sit down with Todd Montgomery to chat about all things COVID-19 and his take on the impact this will have on the Hospitality Industry. Todd also shares his summer plans for his personal continued learning and tips on how students can do the same during this time. And you heard it here first, but after trying to homeschool his own kids, Todd makes a lofty prediction about the future of educational K-12 teachers that we certainly hope comes true! We hope you enjoy listening in on this insightful and fun conversation. 


Episode 8: Professor Pop-In with Yong Bakos (Part 1) 

In this episode, we welcome our very own, Yong Bakos. We talk about remote work and how to be successful and productive while working from home. Yong shares some of his personal favorites on how to stay organized and on task, including eating frogs. (Yes, you heard that right). Tune in next week to listen to the rest of our conversation with Yong in part 2. 

Mentioned in the show: 

The Guardian Article: Working from home has a troubled history. Coronavirus is exposing its flaws again

Productivity Tools: Basecamp, Atlassian, Slack, Microsoft To-Do, Things App

Getting Things Done (GTD)

Inbox/Calendar 0

Eat That Frog


Episode 9: Professor Pop-In with Yong Bakos (Part 2) 

Our conversation with Yong continues as he shares how students can redirect in the midst of declining openings or rescinded job or internship offers, how to advance your career during this time (use our office to beef-up your resume, find networking opportunities, etc. #shamelessplug), and the importance of doing nothing sometimes. We also learn Yong's other ventures with a coffee shop in Portland, his encounters with Dave Chappelle, and why you should go visit Dayton, OH once it's safe to do so. (Mentioned in the show: Meet Your Future calendar. 26cafe in Portland, OR). 


Episode 10: International Internships During a Global Pandemic

In this episode, we chat with the Global Internships Manager with the OSU IE3 Global Program, Elizabeth Mills. Elizabeth shares more about the IE3 Global Program and how her team works to coordinate 130 international internship sites in over 40 countries. However, this year they have had to be innovative in their approach due to the travel restrictions with COVID-19.

We spend the majority of this episode learning more about the new Virtual International Internship option through IE3 Global that allows OSU students to continue to gain comprehensive experience working with an international organization while advancing cross-cultural skills via a virtual, remote work arrangement. This creative option really shows that you “don’t have to cross borders to cross cultures.”

If you’re interested in learning more and applying, check out IE3 Global’s Virtual International Internship page. Applications for a Winter 2020 internship are due September 1!