Thank you for your service!

The transition from military, to college life, to civilian career is not an easy one. Whether you are in the process of figuring out majors and careers that match your interests, want to apply for an internship, or are curious as to how to translate your military experience on your resume, we have services and resources to help you reach your goals. In addition to all of the other information on our website, here are some unique resources to assist student veterans in the career development process. 

Veteran Services

OSU-Cascades Veterans Home Page

Transition and Career Exploration

My Next Move for Veterans
ONET Military Crosswalk Search
Military to Civilian Occupation Translator
Transition Assistance Online

Skill Recognition & Resume Terminology

Translating Military Experience to Civilian Employment
7 Common Military to Civilian Resume Mistakes
Veteran Skills Translator

Job Search

Veteran's Guide to Getting Hired
Department of Veterans Affairs Employment Center
GI Jobs
Veteran Recruiting
Civilian Jobs
Job Opportunities for Disabled American Veterans