Securing an Academic Internship:

  1. Review your academic program’s internship requirements: This includes knowing the credits required, hours/week, learning objectives, supervision requirements, etc. If your academic program offers an internship but it is not required, talk with the Faculty member associated with the Internship.
  2. Search for an internship site: Utilize resources on your program webpages and the Career Development Center’s webpage to help in your search for an internship site. You can also schedule a Job/Internship Search appointment with the Career Development Center in Handshake.
  3. Connect with a Faculty Internship Supervisor: Once you think you have found an internship site, connect with a Faculty Member of your program to ensure this will meet the program requirements. This faculty member will serve as your Faculty Site Supervisor throughout the experience and will grade you on the academic portion of the internship. If you do not know which faculty to reach out to, email the Career Development Center at
  4. Secure an Internship Site Supervisor: Make sure to have an Internship Site Supervisor once you have obtained an internship. This will be the person directly supervising you in the internship experience.
  5. Submit an Experience Request in Handshake: When you have confirmed an internship placement with both a Faculty Internship Supervisor and Internship Site Supervisor, you can submit an Experience Request in Handshake. See below for more information on this process.
  6. Once all parties have approved your Experience Request, you will be able to register for the internship course.




How to Request an Experience in Handshake


Submitting an Experience Request in Handshake:

In this request, you will need the following information:

  1. Contact information for:
    1. Internship Site Supervisor (whoever is supervising your work at your internship site)
    2. The Faculty Site Supervisor (the faculty member from OSU-Cascades who will be supervising your experience). Again, you will want to gain approval from your Faculty Site Supervisor if you have not done so already
    3. Your Academic Advisor
  2. Number of credits and correlating hours for your academic internship. Final credits are determined between you and your Faculty Site Supervisor.

You can watch this video that walks you through the Experience Request form. If you are having trouble, please email

Once you submit the request in Handshake, the Career Development Center will start the approval process. Handshake will send an automatic approval request via email to each party as follows:

  1. An approval request is first sent to the Internship Site Supervisor. Once they approve, it then goes to…
  2. Your Faculty Site Supervisor, once they approve it goes to…
  3. Your Academic Advisor. Once the Academic Advisor receives it, they will clear the Instructor Approval so that you can then register for the Internship section.

Please let your Internship Site Supervisor know that they will have 5 business days to approve the request before the link in the email expires.

If they are having a hard time finding the email, we recommend informing them to check their junk/spam inboxes as sometimes Handshake emails can be filtered out.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions throughout this process!

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